Have friend bought new wheels because that your ram 1500 and they don’t rather fit? Or do you want a wider stance and a sportier look? If so, wheel spacers space the answer. By including some room between the wheel hub and also the wheel itself, you can customize the aesthetics of your lamb 1500.

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But with several varieties and manufacturers available, selecting the ideal wheel spacer isn’t always easy. This is a break down of everything you should know around wheel spacers and some of the best choices on the market.


Are Wheel Spacers Universal?

Although wheel spacers deserve to come in universal ranges at retail auto parts stores, buyers must take note: the thickness is what matters most. While almost all wheel spacers will fit onto her wheel hub, the thickness is the best determinant of whether the ingredient will occupational for your ram 1500. Spacers usually variety in thickness native ⅛-inch come 1 inch (3 mm come 25 mm) for sports cars and 1 customs to 2 inches because that trucks such as the ram 1500.

When is that Time to change My Wheel Spacers?

No surefire authorize exists on as soon as to change your wheel spacers. Cheap wheel spacers may not have actually a zinc coating, which renders them at risk to rust. In this scenario, girlfriend should check your wheel spacers because that rust once you replace your tires or repair/replace your braking system.

Furthermore, you don’t necessarily need to replace your wheel spacers unless you’re to plan on transforming the dimension of your wheels and also need a brand-new fitment.

How to measure for Wheel Spacers

Because a slim variation in thickness have the right to adversely impact desired wheel clearance and also aesthetics, measuring for wheel spacers is essential. The best method for this measurement is by utilizing washers:

Purchase approximately 40 or 50 washers that will fit over each wheel bolt/ wheel studRemove the wheelPlace the washers on every wheel bolt (or wheel stud)Put the wheel earlier onAdd or subtract washers on every wheel till the wanted spacing is foundStack the washers togetherMeasure with a caliper (the tool, not your brakes!)

And once you’ve completed these tasks, friend should have the exact or approximate thickness that the wheel spacer girlfriend need.

An alternative technique is look at at photos on forums or other online resources that confirm what size spacer the picture is showing. Only think about pictures v OEM wheels on the truck, as an aftermarket wheel will have a various offset, which have the right to have the same impact as a wheel spacer.


How do I select Wheel Spacers?

Because wheel spacers come in a range of options, you should take into consideration the following elements when selecting your wheel spacer.

Slip-on vs Bolt-on

For ram 1500 owners, bolt-on wheel spacers are more than likely the better option. These wheel spacers are thicker, providing more clearance because that oversized tires generally preferred by off-roaders or huge truck enthusiasts. ~ above the other hand, slip-on wheel spacers are an ext economical, but they might not have the thickness desired to handle bigger tires.

Hubcentric Wheel Spacers

Another important facet of choosing your wheel spacer is even if it is it’s hubcentric. Hubcentric wheel spacers carry out a better job the centering the wheel roughly the hub due to the fact that they have actually a small lip the fits approximately the hub. By purchase hubcentric wheel spacers, you can avoid vibrations that can be linked with non-hubcentric wheel spacers. Generally, it’s a better idea to gain hubcentric spacers if girlfriend can uncover them.

Additional Hardware

If you require much more thickness to your spacer for any reason, remember that you’re more than likely going to require some extr hardware. Wheel spacers more thickness than around ⅕-inch (5 mm) typically require longer wheel studs for proper safety. So, you’ll need to pull the original wheel bolts out and install much longer ones come accommodate the wheel. While this isn’t an overly difficult procedure, understanding this front of time can save friend a expedition to the auto components store.

Review of the ideal Wheel Spacers For lamb 1500

Now that you have actually a an easy idea of exactly how wheel spacers work, what kind you need, and how to measure up them, that time to select the finest wheel spacer because that your ram 1500.

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Here are few of the top options available, spanning selection of thicknesses, budgets, and also tastes.