It to be 1998, when that line first became well-known as the hook on DMX"s "We Don"t offer a Fuck," a notable cut off his second top-selling album that the same year Flesh of my Flesh, Blood of mine Blood. The album was together much historic as it was controversial. On one end, that made X the an initial rapper come drop two No. 1 albums in the exact same year and cemented him together a certified superstar. ~ above the various other end, over there was conflict — behind the scenes at least.

at the time, kings rapper Ja preeminence struck a buzz v his breakout single "Holla Holla," which to be the lead single to his debut album, Venni Vetti Vecci. Interestingly enough, the song attracted widespread comparisons come DMX, that was not pleased. "So now, X is starting to walk at him, he"s informing me "Gotti, he"s biting mine shit," Irv Gotti, who taken place to develop "Holla Holla" and also pal of X, said N.O.R.E. And DJ EFN top top Drink Champs. "I"m favor X, friend wilding out nigga. The says, "Everyone thinks this "Holla Holla" record is mine. His voice sound prefer mine."

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In response, X later secured some beats from Gotti for his second planned release of the year, Flesh of mine Flesh, Blood of mine Blood, and also that"s when the points turned interesting. "I did two documents on Flesh Is mine Flesh," Gotti recalled, before admitting that among the songs taken place to be "We Don"t give A Fuck." the record, which additionally featured X"s labelmates Jadakiss and Styles p of The Lox, featured subliminal shots in ~ Ja Rule. Over the dark production, the snaps back with currently like, "I let you acquire too close and also you little bit me, I"m quiet mad in ~ myself for lettin the shit go down / someone shoulda called me, ns was fuckin wit a clown."

follow to Gotti, he realized the document was a diss when he satellite in the studio v X. "So i make this record, provide X the beat, I"m in the studio and as quickly as i hear it, I understand he"s ~ above the bullshit. He"s shitting on dominion in the record," Gotti revealed, prior to later share Rule"s reaction. " Rule"s my artist and my brother. Here"s what ns do, after the does it, I"m in mine truck, Rule"s in the backseat. I stated Rule, "I ain"t using the record." He"s like, "What you talking about?" I"m telling him us not putting that record on the album and also he goes, "Play the record." ns said, "Rule, you might not want to hear this record." therefore now, ns play the record and the document is make me uncomfortable since I know precisely what X is doing."

After play the record, Gotti said rule had six words for the matter: "He want it, us gon" perform it!."

This is just one of countless gems from Irv Gotti and also his figure on Drink Champs. Clock the full episode below.

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