When it pertains to holiday traditions, every family has their own special means of celebrating Christmas and also ringing in the brand-new Year. Below in Philadelphia, that tradition for countless families includes a visit to the magical civilization of Disney on Ice. For much more than three decades, the Philadelphia region has been fortunate sufficient to invest the holiday season with Mickey Mouse, Minnie, Goofy and also Donald Duck and this year with Anna and also Elsa native the blockbuster movie Frozen.

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It is all part of Disney On ice cream Celebrates 100 Years, i beg your pardon has appeared in Philadelphia before and continues to tour across the nation bringing all of the fun, excitement and also magic that families have involved expect native a Disney manufacturing albeit at the creative hands that Feld Entertainment.

While her holiday plans may not incorporate a visit to a Disney layout park, this is really the next finest thing. The production which runs two hrs with one intermission has Fab Fifty Disney characters all under one arena roof, staging scene from finding Nemo, Toy Story, The little Mermaid, Tangled and also Mulan. The Wells Fargo facility has been transformed to a dazzling ice palace complete with lighting, special effects and also even fireworks that come close to the classic theme park experience.


The Mouse-ter the Ceremonies, Mickey, opens up the show with his sweetheart Minnie Mouse and also friends, Donald and also Daisy Duck and Goofy. Practically all of the Disney princesses from the fairest maiden of castle all eye White, come Cinderella, Ariel, Rapunzel, Tiana and also Elsa glide across the ice, bringing the magic of classic Disney computer animation to life. The manufacturing is packed through sparkling costumes, elaborate ice-skating choreography and an ext than 30 unforgettable songs including “Let that Go,” “You’ve got a girlfriend in Me,” and “Hakuna Matata.”

And if Disney enthusiasts might wonder what exactly is being celebrating in 100 year of Magic, it really doesn’t seem come faze the countless people transforming out this week in ~ the Wells Fargo Center. No one really appears to care if that 100 years due to the fact that the Walt Disney company was founded which was yes, really 1923 or the bear of Walt, which was in 1901, or a century since Mickey came down on the scene in “Steamboat Willie” — that was in 1928 and also nowhere close to close to 100 year ago. That doesn’t matter as children of all ages and also their parents and grandparents “let that go” in celebrating classic Disney entertainment provided of food by Feld.


While the venue for the production has adjusted from the famed Spectrum in ~ the foot the South broad Street come the Wells Fargo Center, the production is just as vibrant and also fun together it was when it very first appeared in town years ago. There is naught boring or stale around the show. Fairly it is together fresh and fun as I mental seeing and experiencing it through my family. You can credit the to display producers who include and subtract present segments come reflect well-known character trends.

One thing that is brand-new is the pre-show. Get loan a web page from that is Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus production, Feld gets a jump on the Disney action before the an initial skater hits the ice. Make certain you arrive early for the pre-show where youngsters of all eras can display off their moves in ~ the Disney Magic of healthy and balanced Living Dance-Along inspired by the Disney healthy and balanced Living commitment.


Tour coordinator Adrian Baez claims the existing production has played 32 urban to date after commencing ~ above the road in September. Plans speak to for the show to tour North America prior to heading overseas. The existing 100 year of Magic presentation is one of 5 Disney ice mirrors skating right into arenas about the world.

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For more information top top Disney top top Ice and also a manufacturing headed to her city go to http://www.disneyonice.com/100-years-of-magic.