Local cuisine is component of what provides visiting or living on our islands so special, and, in our opinion, one of the finer points in life is enjoying an excellent food. Yet do you know what the next finest thing come enjoying great food is? Watching good food being delighted in on TV. We’ve compiled a perform of few of the big Island’s many notable restaurants that have earned your time in the spotlight over the past couple of years.

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Whether you’re a consistent customer to these regional joints or visiting Hawai’i Island for the very first time, we hope this write-up inspires friend to proceed to support local businesses, since the story of exactly how each of these restaurants became are undeniably unique—and the speaks volumes to exactly how special our ar truly is.


Kaaloa’s at sight J’s

Kaaloa’s supervisor J’s was featured top top Food Network’s Best thing I ever before Ate, illustration “Hidden Treasures” (season 3, episode 8) that highlights the most popular item ~ above the menu: the pork laulau, a timeless Hawaiian delicacy and comfort food.

On Netflix’s Somebody feeding Phil, “Hawai’i” (season 4, episode 5), Phil discovers his love because that huli chicken at the mobile Hawaiian restaurant, GJ’s Huli Chicken, ventures to downtown Kona where he finds timeless Japanese hand food at The Feeding leaf Kitchen & Okazuya, and also visits Kahua Ranch because that an to exclude, dining experience all set by among Merriman’s huge Island’s chefs, making use of meat native the ranch itself. 


Huli Chicken having lunch Plate via GJ"s Huli Chicken
Image via The Feeding sheet Kitchen & Okazuya
Image via Kahua Ranch

Famous restaurateur man Fieri take away on the big Island in season 28 that Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives with these famous downtown Kona staples. From classic poke at Umeke’s come the famous Furikake Chicken at damaged Da Mouth Grindz, Fieri leaves our island community impressed through what we lugged to the table. This episodes have the right to be streamed top top Hulu.

The Heartbreaker via Umeke"s

This jam-packed episode of Bizarre Foods: delicious Destinations, “The large Island,” (season 7, episode 2) takes united state on a trip with host Andrew Zimmern throughout the island come taste the best our neighborhood cuisine has to offer and also can be viewed on Amazon prime Video.

Short N Sweet Bakery and Cafe

Short N Sweet can be the only restaurant on the huge Island to it is in featured top top two different TV shows! Owner and baker Maria brief debuted on the popular food preparation competition, Holiday Baking Championship, for its sixth season simply last year, which have the right to be streamed on Hulu. Her time was regrettably cut short on the show, but she absolutely made our island proud.

World-class chief Rachael ray paid a visit to the large Island to shot some the the tastiest food throughout the island top top season 1, episode 5 the $40 A Day.

I don’t know about you, yet I’m heading to one of these regional gems ~ watching this mouth-watering episodes! We’re so lucky to live in a location with together delicious cooking specialties that entice celebrity food critics and also cooking reflects alike from every edge of the country.

Which restaurant is her favorite on this roundup? 

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