Long before he became P. Diddy, Sean "Puff Daddy" Combs remained in the spotlight often. Back in the day, he dated Jennifer Lopez, supported (and financed) rising artists, and made headlines for his collaborations with fellow musicians.

yet he"s likewise been in some hot water. For one thing, he"s feuded with practically everyone in the music industry. Then, he took warmth for allegedly stealing a fan"s idea and also attempting to profit off that it.

So when news emerged that Diddy planned come sue BET, pan weren"t shocked. Therefore why go he want to sue BET, and how did it all end?

P. Diddy wanted To Sue BET over An On-Stage Fall

In one era that feels choose it was years ago, P. Diddy had actually a fall that to be heard approximately the world. Well, almost. It to be 2015, and the rapper to be on phase for a reunion through artists native his label.

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The anniversary event commemorated his label and the artists associated to it. However the awards ceremony event might"ve had actually something sinister behind it -- if Diddy is to be believed.

if he was performing, P. Diddy fell into a hole in the stage. He recovered quickly and also continued the show, later joking about it ~ above Instagram. The thing is, it wasn"t negligence or a broken set that resulted in the fall.

P. Diddy dropped In A Hole that Was part Of Lil" Kim"s Entrance

one of the artist performing with Diddy at the gambling Awards occasion was Lil" Kim. When she gotten in the stage, Kim did for this reason from a hole in the stage floor. While that obviously should have actually been closeup of the door at the point, Diddy finished up taking a dive into it.

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Suspicions arose when rumblings that a publicity stunt come about, though. Part say that BET deliberately arranged because that Diddy come look stunner while he to be on stage, which sound a bit farfetched. Yet to be fair, worse things have happened to celebrities in the surname of promotional marketing.

So, walk Diddy ever before take gambling to court?

walk P. Diddy really Sue BET?

despite rumors said that Diddy to be going come sue BET"s parent company -- Viacom -- nothing formal ever before came of it. In fact, the might"ve all been a rumor. In price quotes attributed to Diddy, resources say that he claimed BET was making funny of that by leaving Kim"s entryway open.

yet those cases are unsubstantiated, and also there"s no proof Diddy ever said anything other than "I was obtaining so loosened I dropped lol" ~ above Instagram. Sure, Diddy has a many drama through everyone from his previous flames to fellow rapper and also protege J. Cole, yet he probably wouldn"t walk up versus Viacom in court.

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