While promoting her latest album, “Rare,” Selena Gomez opened up up around her previous relationship v Justin Bieber, during which the singer and also actress stated she endured emotional abuse.

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Speaking v NPR on Sunday, Gomez explained how her brand-new single, “Lose You to Love Me,” helped her process and move on from the “difficult” endure she had actually while seeing the “Yummy” artist. Gomez and also Bieber were an initial linked publicly in 2011 and also dated on and off till their final split in 2018.

“It’s dangerous to continue to be in a victim mentality,” Gomez said. “And I’m no being disrespectful, I carry out feel ns was a victim to specific abuse.”

When request if she was referring to emotionally abuse, the “Bad Liar” hitmaker said, “Yes” and also then elaborated — regardless of noting the she didn’t want to “spend the rest of life talking about” her previous with Bieber, who married design Hailey Baldwin in 2018.


On her brand-new album “Rare,” Gomez deploys a light touch and also adventurous sonic spirit to mine her romantic, emotional and physical trials and tribulations.

“I had actually to find a means to know it together an adult, and also I had actually to understand the options I was making,” Gomez said. “I am really proud the I deserve to say ns feel the the strongest I’ve ever felt and also I’ve uncovered a method to simply walk v it through as much grace together possible.”

Representatives for Bieber walk not instantly respond to The Times’ inquiry for comment.

Upon the October relax of the emotionally “Lose You to Love Me,” Gomez pleaded through fans on social media come “be kind” and respect various other women while sustaining her and also her work. Many assumed she was indirectly defending Bieber’s wife, who received some dislike online as soon as the monitor dropped.

“It’s no a hateful song; it’s a tune that is saying — I had something beautiful and also I would never ever deny the it wasn’t that,” Gomez called NPR. “It was very difficult and ns happy the over. And I felt like this was a an excellent way to just say it’s done, and also I recognize that, and also I respect that.”

Bieber and also Gomez, both in the spotlight native a young age, have had trouble maintaining their relationship drama private. In 2016, the ex-lovers hurled cheating accusations at each other over Instagram, visible to their millions of linked followers, in a boil spat that resulted in Bieber come delete his account altogether.


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Justin Bieber quits Instagram after ~ public spat v Selena Gomez over Sofia Richie

But according to Gomez, those days space over, and also she’s ready to step right into a “whole various other chapter.”

She likewise reflected on she myriad wellness issues, i m sorry have consisted of depression, a kidney transplant and also an ongoing battle with the autoimmune an illness lupus.

“I want to have the ability to tell my story the way that I desire to call it,” she said, calling fist to sensationalized media coverage. “I wasn’t going to pretend to placed a smile on as soon as it in reality was awful — a few of the worst moments of mine life. ... Ns just had actually to find a method to claim my story.”

Her reclamation project, “Rare,” is the end now.

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