Fortnite: battle Royale presented a pair of huge telephones right into the game as part of the variation 8.40 update Wednesday, all so we can enjoy a two-stage difficulty as part of Season 8, week 8. First, players need to “dial the Durrr citizens number ~ above the large telephone west of fatal Fields” and also then they have to “dial the Pizza Pit number top top the big telephone eastern of The Block.”

This new an obstacle format functions comparable to playing sheet music on huge pianos or also the carnival clown board. But whereas other comparable challenges can be completed without any type of weapons, you need to be very accurate through these phones, basically requiring some kind of short- come mid-range rifle or pistol.

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They’re both huge rotary phones, an ancient style the landline telephones where you need to stick her finger in a feet at the number you desire to dial and also spin it every the means around clockwise till you hit the catch. In Fortnite, that way you have to shoot every number one-by-one and also watch the dial swing around, therefore the whole process takes some time.


Where come Dial the Durrr burgess Number top top the huge Telephone West of deadly Fields

Just southwest of deadly Fields, you’ll discover the huge white telephone because that Durr burger tucked inside a little outcropping of snow-covered trees through some rocks, a chest, and also maybe even some floor loot. The number is 555-0152, i beg your pardon is really straightforward to dial other than for the 1. Us recommend hopping up on the bottom-right corner of the phone and also taking aim. That all however a need that you use some kind of gun to dial. Otherwise, aiming the pickaxe sounds favor a nightmare.

Because this is an secluded mountaintop, uneven you take the time to loot and collect enough structure materials to build a ramp up, you might also just land straight there and also duke it the end to end up being king that the hill.

Where come Dial the Pizza Pit Number ~ above the large Telephone eastern of The Block

The huge red Pizza Pit phone call is indeed east of The Block and also just a small bit north, an extremely close come the coast. It’s just east of a small cliff and south that a huge tree not far from where the treeline breaks heading west. There’s often a item of floor loot surrounding and a chest can spawn in ~ the basic of the tree.

Whoever it s okay to the phone an initial will probably obtain at the very least one weapon and also use it to get rid of everyone that shows up. If you an adept gunfighter, climate by all way try it. Otherwise, take into consideration looting top top the eastern edge the The Block and also then heading over. The call number to dial is 555-0198, painfully similar to the Durr burger number. Again, be responsibility of dialing the 1.

Due to existing foot web traffic in these areas, us recommend waiting till closer to the end of the season to perform this challenge.

According come the in-game countdown, Fortnite Season 8 should end on Wednesday, may 8, therefore there’s lot of of time. That entirely feasible that Season 9 could begin on Thursday, might 9. Either way, that’s a couple of weeks left because that you to complete this and other challenges.

Fortnite: battle Royale Season 8, mainly 9 should start Thursday, April 25 around 10:30 a.m. Eastern.

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