From NCAA defensive lineman weighing over 300 pounds to fit-bodied reality tv-star, Dexter Holman speak 3Leaf about his weight loss journey and also how cannabis assisted motivate that while overcoming stress, pressure, and Khloe Kardashian.

You grew up in Georgia and played football because that years. Has cannabis constantly been a component of your life?

When ns was growing up, choose everybody else, ns didn’t associate cannabis with being one athlete. It was something that i would execute in the off-season in both high-school and college since of the threat of obtaining in trouble

I played college football at seaside Carolina University. Ns was playing protective tackle, which means I to be really, really big. I had acquired a most weight. I was gaining about 25 pounds every year. And while it was intentional, the wasn’t healthy weight and also it got out of control. I lost myself in do the efforts to it is in this football player, trying to make it in the NFL. I didn’t do it, and once everything was over, all I had left was all this weight.

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My cannabis usage really kicked into equipment when i was make the efforts to shed weight. In ~ my biggest, i was 328 pounds and when I moved to California i weighed 275 pounds. I relocated out below knowing I want to do myself far better and also motivate rather at the same time.

In 2016, Dexter relocated to California with the intent of launching his career together a stand-up comedian. If performing at The Lexington in Los Angeles a producer native Khloe Kardashian’s Revenge Body asked the to be a part of the show. What ensued was nothing brief of a physical and mental rollercoaster.

It was 14 mainly of filming and there is no means I would have made it through that there is no cannabis . It was one of the many stressful situations I’ve ever before been in; it was a lot of pressure. And also I was placing my body with so numerous things the it wasn’t supplied to.

At the time, i was alone and kind of depressed. And cannabis helped me to obtain out of that depression, the end of that feeling of helplessness, and earlier to that feeling that I could do things. It helped me establish that i am no my fat and I am no my weight.

One that the coolest points I got to do while i was ~ above the display was occupational out through Michael B. Jordan. At my heaviest ns was functioning out with him, and also I remember thinking that the just difference between me and Michael B. Jordan is habits. The what you pick to do on a everyday basis. So I readjusted all my habits since I desire my behavior to represent what I want for mine life. Ns don’t want to just take what I can get. My goal every job is to make myself better than yesterday.

“My score every job is to make myself better than yesterday,” states Holman.


Food you can not live without…


Favorite cardio exercise…

Running – struggle the streets.

Favorite non-strength cultivate workout…

Spin class. Spinning obtained me right. And also I love the music.

Favorite muscle team to workout…

Legs. Ns love mine calves

Favorite cheat meal…

Pizza indigenous Wood. They have this mushroom pizza that’s an extremely nice.

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Favorite gym track…

I actually listen to a many motivational tracks as soon as I’m in ~ the gym. I really favor Eric Thomas. And today i was listening come Tony Robbins. That nice come pump her mind up while you pumping your body up.

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