With the introduction of the take away King, the max level has been boosted to lvl 40 and the an initial thing players desire to know is how they can level increase fast. While reaching the level cap conveniently doesn’t really offer you numerous benefits in regards to content right now (the raid hasn’t arrived yet) that will allow you to equip the game’s finest gear.

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Unfortunately over there is no loot cave for leveling in the bring away King, but there space some methods we found to be much faster than rather if all you desire to perform is reach the cap. Techniques are ordered from the most efficient to the least.

Pre – bring away King Bounties

If you’re among the plenty of who to plan ahead and completed bounties but didn’t rotate them in, you will do it be one action ahead that the rest of us. Bounties completed before the expansion’s launch have the right to be rotate in after that for an instant blast that experience.

Couple this v a Red Bull password for 50% bonus experience and also it is feasible to struggle lvl 39/ 40 in one turn in.


Story Missions

You’re walk to it is in doing them anyways and they offer a surprisingly large amount the experience, around a quarter of a bar for one mission. Just make certain you have your bounty goals full before you go out. Plenty of of the Vanguard one’s have the right to be completed on story goals by using particular weapons to get certain kills and by killing a specific type of enemy.

The story has you going anywhere the solar mechanism so chances are you’ll run into what you require to finish it.

Red Bull Code

Not yes, really one come endorse to buy a product simply to receive a prize in game yet the Red Bull 50% bonus for endure is a hard one to happen up.

Just look for specially significant cans the Red Bull and then enter their code for a 50% bonus come ALL experience gains for half an hour. The all way every bounty turn in, adversary killed, everything.

The Crucible

While no as effective as the story objectives it’s a great place to go once you’re done them if girlfriend still haven’t reached 40 yet. Bounties room the real goal the Crucible experience, and with the introduction of brand-new “easier” to complete bounties, it shouldn’t take it you long to have actually 8 that them ready to turn in.


Fireteams not just make your video game time an ext enjoyable, they make it much faster and an ext efficient. If you’ve got some friends play the growth at the very same time team up and take it on as a team.

Some bounties actually need a fireteam come complete, for this reason if you happen to see any type of of those at the bounty bot you will do it be every set.


They’ve been stated in the sections over because lock are always something friend should have running in the lift no matter what you’re doing. You have the right to hold 16 of them now, platy of room to get the days precious of crucible and vanguard bounties in there at once.

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Killing Enemies

Not the many effective way by ay means, yet some that the higher-level challenging opponents can offer a good amount that experience once downed. Taken champion in the Taken assault quests can be particularly fruitful.