At the end of the key Forsaken story, friend will receive a pursuit called damaged Awoken Talisman. This is the quest that unlocks access to the Dreaming City.

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Repairing the broken Awoken Talisman through collecting Talisman fragments is the an initial part the the quest.


In the very first part that the quest, you need to visit lost Sectors within the Tangled coast to conference the forced Talisman Fragments. The quest has three clues regarding which shed Sectors you need to visit.

In an old Corsair HideoutIn the heart of Spider’s webIn a rare eco-friendly place

In one old Corsair Hideout

In an Old Corsair Hideout is the Shipyard AWO-43 shed Sector which deserve to be uncovered in Jetsam the Saturn, to the west that Spider’s Safehouse.


Shipyard AWO-43 location

In the heart of Spider’s net location is the north Tank shed sector uncovered in theif Landing. This is the lost sector which has actually the cool music playing. The empty Tank shed sector is come the east of SPider’s Safehouse.


Empty Tank lost Sector

In a Rare eco-friendly Place

The ina rare environment-friendly place lost sector is the Trapper’s cave which is found in Four-Horn Gulch which is top top the eastern component of the Tangled Shore. The is the lost sector i m sorry is best in the center of Four-Horn Gulch. The shed Sector entrance is situated in a canyon.


Trapper’s cavern Lost Sector

Mended Awoken Talisman

Once you have completed the shed Sectors and also found the Talisman Fragments, the next component of the search is to death Taken, to “imbue the talisman through the Darkness you must open the doorway come the Dreaming City.

Probably the quickest method to death plenty of taken is to play the Lake that Shadows win which have the right to be uncovered int he europe Dead Zone. Strikes deserve to now it is in selected native the doirector and also are complement made, so no need to enter a playlist and hope the win appears.

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