Destiny 2 lastly has its very own transmog system, fulfilling a long-awaited playerbase request.

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Play the newly-released Season the the Splicer for the an initial time and you"ll be prompted to finish the Armor Synthesis introductory mission. In ~ the end of this, the brand-new season seller Ada-1 will certainly move right into the Tower, bringing the Loom along with her. The loom is the home of the transmog system (also called Armor Synthesis).

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But prior to you deserve to use the Loom, you require the products to job-related with. And also that method collecting a source called Synthweave.

How to earn Synthstrand, Synthcord, and also Synthweave in Destiny 2

In-story, Synthweave is the do component supplied in Armor Synthesis. In practice, however, it"s an ext like a brand-new currency in Destiny 2. When you have actually a certain amount that it, girlfriend in effect use that to salary to decorate her armor.

However, Synthweave isn"t simply out over there in the world waiting to loss into your open up hands. The raw type of this component is called Synthstrand, which you quite merely earn from opponents you defeat. Through the new season, it seems that you deserve to earn Synthstrand indigenous just about any successfully enemy encounter in Destiny 2.


The following step is acquisition Synthstrand earlier to the Tower with you and also talking to Ada-1. Because that 150 Synthstrand, she"ll collection you a (class-specific) bounty and give friend Synthcord together a reward for completing them.

Once you have actually Synthcord, you can finally use the Loom. The loom converts Synthcord into Synthweave, which have the right to then be used to your armor to create Ornaments.


Before we get thorough on Ornaments, however, it"s worth noting the there are 4 sub-types that Synthweave you deserve to make:

Synthweave Template is offered to do Universal Ornaments.Synthweave Plate is offered to make Titan Ornaments.Synthweave Bolt is used to do Warlock Ornaments.Synthweave Strap is offered to make Hunter Ornaments.

You deserve to only equip global Ornaments and the ornaments details to her character"s class. So when using the Loom, be certain you"re make the Synthweave selection you really want.

How to produce Ornaments utilizing Synthweave in Destiny 2

To do an Ornament using your fresh bundle the Synthweave, open up the personality screen and also navigate to the appearance subscreen.

On this subscreen you need to see a brand-new Appearance Customization option in the peak right.


Within this brand-new screen, click on any armor item to watch its potential Ornaments. You have the right to experiment v the people you currently have, as well as spending the appropriate form of Synthweave to unlock the ones friend don"t (which are marked with a padlock icon). This will immediately create one ornament you have the right to then use or not, as you choose.

Completing the tie it All together quest

If you speak come Ada-1 again after completing the Armor Synthesis development quest, you"ll receive the Tying it every Together quest, i beg your pardon is there to teach friend the mechanics of crafting Ornaments.


There are several stages to perfect the quest, which greatly follow what we"ve outlined above. However, due to the fact that it seems favor you can need to complete this quest prior to you have full accessibility to the transmog system, here"s a fast run-down the what you have to do:

Acquire the pursuit from Ada-1 and she"ll offer you a piece of Synthweave based on your course alignement.Make an Ornament by choosing a legendary armor piece in the illustration Subscreen and also using her freebie Synthweave to unlock a brand-new Ornament. (You can apply it or not, together you choose.)Speak come Ada-1 again and she"ll give you a large spool of Synthstrand. Automatically give this ago to she to purchase a bounty. Choose any bounty you favor from her selection.Complete the bounty, claim its rewards (especially the Synthcord), and head ago to the Tower. Approach the Loom and, when prompted, deposit Synthcord to turn it right into Synthweave. Then speak to Ada-1 again.Finally, you have to go out and also defeat any type of enemies until you"ve gathered 150 Synthstrand, i m sorry is what it"ll expense you to acquisition bounties native Ada-1 from now on.

Armor Synthesis and also Shaders

The brand-new transmog system additionally simplifies and streamlines the use of shaders in illustration Customization.

Single-use shaders are currently a point of the past, and instead any and all you"ve unlocked will certainly be accessible from this screen.


You still have to pay 500 Glimmer to apply a shader come an armor piece (or 2,500 to carry out the whole armor set at once), but it"s quiet cheaper and also easier than the old system.

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For more on what"s new in Destiny 2: Season the the Splicer, inspect out our guide on whatever we know around the new season for this reason far.