What is tbelow to say about Degrassi that hasn’t been sassist already? When a display is on the air as long as Degrassi, it has a peril of coming to be repeated. What can a present like Degrassi carry out to remain fresh? Rip from the headlines of course. As Lisa J of No Pink Spandex listed, Degrassi is “the Law and Order of tween TV!” That hits it appropriate on the nose, yet does ripping from the headlines expect this season won’t be appropriate in a couple of years? Of course not.

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For one, the primary topic of the seachild is racism and also that’s been a topic human being of shade have actually had actually to challenge for generations. Not only that, the seaboy gets right into the implications of racism. It’s not just about replicating a certain protest or copying a specific racist act. It’s about mirroring racism via the eyes of the teen Degrassi personalities. The season also explores plenty of global concerns that will be just as pertinent thirty years from currently as the worries encountered on Degrassi Junior High are this day. It’s simply that the clothing will be crazy out of date.

So now that I’ve just justified the need for a 2 thousand word testimonial, let’s obtain into the meat of this, shall we? Unprefer my evaluation of season one, I’ll be breaking this up by plotline.

Warning: this post is spoiler-heavy, so if you haven’t watched it yet, go inspect out our spoiler totally free review if you haven’t viewed it!


Degrassi and also Racism

Degrassi has talked about racism prior to, yet it’s practically always felt too a lot choose an after college special. It would be talked about in an episode or 2 and then brushed off. Here it’s the focus of the whole seakid and we watch it with 2 distinctive philosophies. On one side, Frankie, a white privileged girl who staunchly believes she isn’t a racist. On the other, Shay, a babsence girl that has to struggle to achieve her desires through the civilization supposed of her. If this were a one off episode, one of the even more slime round characters would certainly have been the racist one, however by having it be the “good girl” of Frankie, we view her struggling via her own inherent racism.

When she draws the zoo image of their opposing institution, she doesn’t for a minute think about the implications. Even Shay isn’t rather aware of it at initially. But gradually as the season progresses Shay realizes simply how racist it was. She talks through her dad around it in one of the the majority of frank and hocolony scenes I’ve ever before viewed on Degrassi (and also I’ve watched it all). Shay provides it clear to all her friends that this is in fact racist. We don’t hear it from one of the white characters; this isn’t some white savior point. It’s from Frankie and she lugged it to light.


Frankie denies it. She tries to come up with eexceptionally excusage she can. She brushes it off. She tries quick and also simple solutions. She prevents the duty. “I’m not racist,” she claims over and also over. But progressively as the seachild goes on she digs herself deeper and also deeper into the hole till she lastly realizes that yes, it was racist. The exceptionally small minute in her car once she’s afrhelp of a stranger that happens to be black lastly opened her eyes.

While watching I couldn’t aid but wonder why so a lot time was offered to Frankie’s revelation of being racist. Shouldn’t it have been more focused on Shay? Perhaps, but throughout the seakid there was no question that Frankie remained in the wrong. Never before were we asked to pardon her actions as all her friends, boyfriend, and also parental fees turned against her. Tbelow wasn’t a moment where you felt bad for her because she was a racist. You only felt bad because she wouldn’t admit to it. Once she did? That’s when points began to come earlier together for her.

This plotline was a win for Degrassi, feeling stronger than also last season’s feminism arc. While that was pretty a lot squacount concentrated on Maya, right here we had Tiny being unfairly suspfinished and also Zoe and Winston’s presentation on Japanese history. Racism was shown to not have actually one magical cure all answer. It’s difficult and also it comes in many develops. It’s not just white world who do it. Degrassi proves through this plotline alone it still goes tright here and also does it well.


Hunter and Yael

In Degrassi’s commitment to showing the consequences of actions, Hunter’s primary arc is the fallout from last season’s climatic finale. With Miles unable to keep the trick, Hunter is sent to some severe therapy where he’s diagnosed with depression that manifests itself in anger. All of the therapy scenes with Hunter were shown with a sensitive care that, for anyone watching, will certainly hopetotally show therapy have the right to have actually positive outcomes and also isn’t exclusively for “crazy people”. It likewise wasn’t that Hunter’s anger was 100% cured. Much favor the racism in this seakid, there’s no basic resolve for depression, yet Hunter is discovering to resolve it. His primary reason to gain better? Yael.

At the outset I worried Yael would just be there to prop up Hunter’s character yet nope, she gets fairly a little of screen time to herself. She struggles with the development of her new app and being in the male dominated room of the tech industry, demonstrating that also if the primary feminism arc of the series is done, it’s not an concern that goes amethod. The romance in between her and Hunter was extremely cute and also Hunter’s are afraid at hurting Yael was heartbreaking. I’m excited for more from these 2.


Maya and Zig

Ah, classic Degrassi couple. I expect, these guys aren’t endgame or Claire/Eli level of flawmuch less however they’re fun! Zig proceeds to be a dumb puppy dog of a perboy. I intend come on, that scene with him at the restaurant all alone? Thinking he’s going to marry Maya? Such a puppy! He’s an idiot, but that’s why we love him. Maya took even more of a earlier seat this seachild after being the primary star of season one, which is simply fine. Her plotline largely consisted of bad decisions and also hanging out via Peter. This was your standard Degrassi romance entanglement. In reality, I’d speak to it a break from the even more hefty topics in the racism and Hunter plots.


Miles and Tristan

Ugh. Okay, okay. It wasn’t THAT bad.

Ugh. Yeah, I did not treatment around these 2 at all. I haven’t cared about Tristan in years and also while Miles was pretty solid last seaboy he was just aggressively okay this time approximately. The entirety sex history point was alright and also I’m always up for a tiny gay depiction but… Okay, Degrassi. Do you not know that there exists a word for human being that like guys and also women? Bisexual. Say it with me. Bisexual. Miles himself states he likes guys and also girls. Why can’t they say it? Are they not allowed? Someone please explain this to me.


Zoe’s Self Harm and also Sexuality

Rolling right off my last suggest, why wasn’t the word bisexual used in Zoe’s plot? Okay, I gain that she’s reportedly a lesbian currently. That’s fine, but the reality not a solitary character mentions to her that liking both boys and also girls is a point is off placing when Degrassi typically explores the 2 sides of an worry so well. Tristan just decides she’s a lesbian, which is in character for him as a bitchy white gay man, but the display exacts prefer it’s the just possible alternative for her.

The bisexuality point aside, Zoe struggling through self-damage was a topic I hope we haven’t checked out the finish of. Melding the self-harm through some of the social media aspects from last seachild was a genius relocate. Access to the type of communities that make self-damage seem okay are easier than ever and might make an excellent arc in of itself.

Let’s talk about the real crowning moment of this storyline though, Zoe’s breakdvery own with Winston in the last episode. Ana Golja knocked it out of the park, displaying just the appropriate mixture of hurt, fear, and sadness. Brilliant. What will occur via Zoe now? Will she come out to her other friends? Will she also desire to be about aacquire Tristan after he gave her so much crap about being a lesbian?


Lola/Tiny Realationship

One of the smaller sized arcs of the season was the love triangle between Lola, Tiny, and also Shay although it was greatly focused on Lola and Tiny. I loved these two together, even if they weren’t best for each various other. Look no even more than the 2 offering conflicting advice to Zig at the restaurant. Lola is all for Zig not being at fault while Tiny desperately tries to be the voice of reason.

The partnership starts to spin off the tracks once Lola’s insecurities come out. This is accomplished in what can be one of the funniest scenes in all of Degrassi. Tiny discovers Lola is still making use of teendir (the most Degrassi name for an application ever) however Lola defenders herself.

I’m not interested in other men. I simply want pizza.

Yes, Lola flirts through dudes for totally free pizza. Girl, I gain you. This of course is really bereason Lola wants an out for the connection. She’s afraid of human being leaving her, so she desires to leave Tiny before points get major. They control to work-related it out, acquiring associated in a protest once Tiny is unsensibly kicked out of school, however it isn’t intended to be. Tiny’s gained a thing for Shay. After that, it’s basically your conventional “oh no my friend wants to date my ex” plot, however given that Lola’s connected it’s great. Speaking of which.


Lola Is Amazing And The Best Thing To Happen To Degrassi In Ever And Amanda Arcuri Deserves An Emmy Or Gemini Award. ALL THE AWARDS.

I’ve sassist it prior to and also I’ll say it again. Lola is my favorite Degrassi character in Next off Class and fairly maybe of all time. A lot of this hregarding do through Amanda Arcuri’s performance, who nails the humor of the character brilliantly. Lola is created nearly as a type of bimbo, but that would be doing her a disorganization. She sees the human being sindicate and plainly. She desires everything and also everyone to be happy and also doesn’t fairly think around the after-effects of her actions. Of course she would certainly ask her phone, “exactly how to prove my institution isn’t racist”. That’s just just how Lola sees the people. Brilliant. Flawless. Lola will make you laugh. Lola will certainly make you cry (from laughter). Lola, as they say, is every little thing.


The Degrassi Reunion Episode

Ah, the greatest thing they’ve been hyping. The reunion. I’m of 2 minds about it. I’m glad they didn’t simply sheight the ongoing plot threads in Next Class in order to make it a huge love fest for the old characters. I appreciate that. But if I’m being honest? The reunion itself was kind of a let down. Giving only one episode to cram in so many kind of cameos just left me feeling unsatisfied. I’d hoped we’d get some kind of acknowledgement of Spinner and also Emma’s sham of a marital relationship but nope, it’s all hunky dory! Ugh.

Look, it was great to check out them. My male Sav is doing excellent and Holly J is still killing it. Mo is still existing, so rock on bro! I loved the little references to everyone who they couldn’t gain, prefer Terri, Manny, and even Jimmy. It was fun and cute, yet some of these scenes didn’t feel specific enough to the characters. I mean come on, Marco’s bit around listening to podcasts might have actually gone to anyone.

Paige and also Spinner ended up the with best scene as they reflected on all their old mistakes and also exactly how Degrassi is the finest perfect place to learn. That was nice and also I wish we had actually more scenes like that. I understand this is wacky to say, however I wish this had actually felt even more prefer a superhero team up. Just go via me below. Imagine if we had actually a two part reunion episode where the personalities they regulated to gain ago all acquired involved in the present characters plotlines. Not as mentors, just in fun wacky ways. Really make it feel favor the old generation and the brand-new generation were coming together for a prevalent goal. Even make some jokes about the middle generation!


I can’t think I’m saying this, yet Peter coming right into Maya’s plot made the most feeling. While we didn’t learn a lot around what taken place to him, we gained sufficient that it felt satisfactory to any substantial Peter fans out tright here. I’m certain they exist. But come on, in your substantial reunion you offer Peter the best part? Lame.

I’ll echo what I said in my spoiler cost-free review when aacquire and also bemoan the absence of any Degrassi Junior Highor Degrassi High characters. This wasn’t a celebration of Degrassi: The Next Generation, this was meant to be a celebration of five hundred episodes of the Degrassi franchise. No love for Joey? Spike? Come on, you can have at leastern tried to obtain Spike. Maybe they did, that knows! Of course Snake was there however come on, what around some BLT? I guess the point out a couple of periods earlier of Snake finding a dead kid when he was in high school is the closest we’ll get to an old institution referral. Oh well.

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Honestly, if you’re interested in some actual reunion goodness? Check out Degrassi’s social media pages. There’s an adorable promo through the returning cast members which functions Adamo Ruggiero doing Marco’s tradenote “rotate to the camera” via the hoodie. The best of all is Adamo and also Shane Kippel (Spinner) reenacting Marco’s coming out scene. It’s adorable and also feels favor a more fitting tribute then what the show itself offered us.