What is over there to speak about Degrassi that hasn’t been stated already? once a present is on the waiting as long as Degrassi, it has actually a hazard of coming to be repetitive. What can a display like Degrassi do to stay fresh? Rip native the headlines the course. Together Lisa J of No Pink Spandex noted, Degrassi is “the Law and Order of tween TV!” that hits it right on the nose, however does take it from the headlines average this season won’t be appropriate in a few years? Of food not.

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For one, the main subject the the season is racism and that’s to be a topic civilization of shade have had actually to challenge for generations. Not only that, the season gets right into the implications of racism. It’s not just about replicating a certain protest or copying specific racist act. It’s about showing racism with the eyes of the teen Degrassi characters. The season additionally explores plenty of universal issues that will certainly be simply as relevant thirty years from currently as the problems dealt v on Degrassi small High are today. It’s just that the apparel will it is in crazy the end of date.

So now that I’ve just justified the require for a 2 thousand indigenous review, let’s get into the meat the this, chandelier we? uneven my testimonial of season one, okay be break this increase by plotline.

Warning: this post is spoiler-heavy, therefore if friend haven’t watched it yet, go check out our spoiler free review if you haven’t viewed it!


Degrassi and also Racism

Degrassi has talked around racism before, but it’s nearly always feel too much like an after college special. It would certainly be talked about in an illustration or two and also then brushed off. Below it’s the focus of the entirety season and also we watch it with two distinctive viewpoints. ~ above one side, Frankie, a white privileged girl that staunchly to trust she no a racist. Top top the other, Shay, a black girl who needs to struggle to attain her desires with the human being expected that her. If this were a one turn off episode, among the an ext slime ball personalities would have actually been the racist one, yet by having actually it be the “good girl” of Frankie, we see her struggling v her own natural racism.

When she color etc the zoo snapshot of their opposing school, she doesn’t for a moment take into consideration the implications. Also Shay no quite mindful of it at first. However slowly together the season progresses Shay realizes just how racist it was. She talks with her dad around it in one of the most frank and honest scenes I’ve ever seen on Degrassi (and i have watched that all). Shay renders it clean to all her friends that this is in reality racist. We don’t hear it from one of the white characters; this isn’t part white savior thing. It’s from Frankie and also she brought it come light.


Frankie denies it. She tries to come up with every excuse she can. She brushes it off. She make the efforts quick and easy solutions. She avoids the responsibility. “I’m no racist,” she claims over and also over. Yet slowly together the season go on she digs it s her deeper and also deeper into the hole till she ultimately realizes the yes, it to be racist. The very little moment in her auto when she afraid of a stranger that happens to be black lastly opened her eyes.

While watching i couldn’t assist but wonder why so lot time was offered to Frankie’s revelation of being racist. Do not do it it have actually been an ext focused ~ above Shay? Perhaps, yet throughout the season there to be no question that Frankie was in the wrong. Never ever were we asked to pardon she actions together all her friends, boyfriend, and also parents turned against her. Over there wasn’t a minute where you felt negative for her due to the fact that she was a racist. You just felt negative because she wouldn’t recognize to it. Once she did? That’s when things began to come ago together because that her.

This plotline was a win for Degrassi, feeling more powerful than even last season’s feminism arc. While that was pretty much squarely focused on Maya, right here we had actually Tiny being unfairly suspended and also Zoe and Winston’s presentation ~ above Japanese history. Racism was presented to not have one miracle cure every answer. The tough and also it comes in plenty of forms. It’s not simply white civilization who carry out it. Degrassi proves v this plotline alone the still go there and also does it well.


Hunter and also Yael

In Degrassi’s commitment to showing the after-effects of actions, Hunter’s main arc is the autumn from critical season’s climatic finale. Through Miles can not to store the secret, Hunter is sent to some major therapy where he’s diagnosed v depression that manifests itself in anger. Every one of the therapy scenes through Hunter were shown with a sensitive care that, because that anyone watching, will hopefully display therapy have the right to have confident outcomes and isn’t solely for “crazy people”. It additionally wasn’t the Hunter’s anger was 100% cured. Much like the racism in this season, yes no easy resolve for depression, however Hunter is discovering to attend to it. His main reason to acquire better? Yael.

At the outset i worried Yael would only be there to prop increase Hunter’s character yet nope, she gets fairly a little bit of screen time to herself. She battles with the development of her brand-new app and being in the masculine dominated space of the technology industry, demonstrating that even if the key feminism arc that the series is done, it’s not an issue that go away. The romance between her and Hunter was very cute and also Hunter’s fear at hurting Yael to be heartbreaking. Ns excited for much more from these two.


Maya and also Zig

Ah, classic Degrassi couple. I mean, these guys aren’t endgame or Claire/Eli level that flawless yet they’re fun! Zig proceeds to it is in a dumb puppy dog of a person. I median come on, that scene through him at the restaurant every alone? thinking he’s going come marry Maya? such a puppy! he’s an idiot, but that’s why we love him. Maya took much more of a earlier seat this season after being the main star the season one, i beg your pardon is simply fine. Her plotline mainly consisted of negative decisions and also hanging out v Peter. This was her standard Degrassi romance entanglement. In fact, I’d call it a rest from the more heavy topics in the racism and also Hunter plots.


Miles and Tristan

Ugh. Okay, okay. The wasn’t that bad.

Ugh. Yeah, i did not care about these 2 at all. Ns haven’t cared around Tristan in years and while Miles was pretty solid critical season that was just aggressively okay this time around. The whole sex background thing was alright and also I’m always up for a small gay representation but… Okay, Degrassi. Do you not recognize that over there exists a native for civilization who favor men and also women? Bisexual. Say it through me. Bisexual. Miles himself claims he likes guys and also girls. Why can not they to speak it? are they no allowed? who please explain this to me.


Zoe’s me Harm and also Sexuality

Rolling appropriate off my last point, why wasn’t words bisexual supplied in Zoe’s plot? Okay, I gain that she’s supposedly a lesbian now. That’s fine, yet the fact not a solitary character mentions to her that liking both boys and also girls is a thing is off placing when Degrassi usually explores the two sides that an issue so well. Tristan just decides she a lesbian, i m sorry is in character because that him as a bitchy white gay man, however the show exacts choose it’s the only feasible option for her.

The bisexuality point aside, Zoe struggling v self-harm to be a topic ns hope we haven’t checked out the end of. Convey the self-harm with several of the social media elements from critical season to be a genius move. Access to the sort of communities that do self-harm seem okay are easier than ever and also could make a an excellent arc in the itself.

Let’s talk about the actual crowning moment of this storyline though, Zoe’s malfunction with Winston in the final episode. Ana Golja knocked it the end of the park, displaying just the right mixture of hurt, fear, and also sadness. Brilliant. What will take place with Zoe now? will she come the end to her various other friends? will she even want come be roughly again Tristan after he gave her so much crap about being a lesbian?


Lola/Tiny Realationship

One that the smaller sized arcs that the season was the love triangle between Lola, Tiny, and also Shay return it to be mostly focused on Lola and Tiny. I loved these two together, even if they weren’t ideal for every other. Watch no more than the two offering conflicting advice to Zig at the restaurant. Lola is every for Zig no being at fault while small desperately tries to it is in the voice the reason.

The relationship starts to spin turn off the tracks as soon as Lola’s insecurities come out. This is achieved in what can be one of the funniest scene in all of Degrassi. Small discovers Lola is still making use of teendir (the most Degrassi name for an application ever) but Lola defenders herself.

I’m not interested in other guys. I just want pizza.

Yes, Lola flirts with dudes for totally free pizza. Girl, I acquire you. This of food is really since Lola desires an out for the relationship. She’s afraid of people leaving her, for this reason she wants to leave Tiny before things gain serious. They manage to occupational it out, getting affiliated in a protest as soon as Tiny is unfair kicked the end of school, but it isn’t intended to be. Tiny’s acquired a thing for Shay. After that, it’s usually your standard “oh no mine friend wants to date my ex” plot, but because Lola’s involved it’s great. Speaking of which.


Lola Is Amazing and The finest Thing To occur To Degrassi In Ever and Amanda Arcuri Deserves an Emmy Or Gemini Award. Every THE AWARDS.

I’ve stated it before and also I’ll speak it again. Lola is my favorite Degrassi character in Next Class and quite possibly of every time. A many this needs to do v Amanda Arcuri’s performance, who nails the feeling of the character brilliantly. Lola is written almost as a kind of bimbo, yet that would be doing her a disservice. She sees the people simply and also plainly. She wants everything and everyone to it is in happy and doesn’t quite think about the results of she actions. Of course she would ask she phone, “how come prove my school isn’t racist”. That’s just just how Lola sees the world. Brilliant. Flawless. Lola will make you laugh. Lola will certainly make girlfriend cry (from laughter). Lola, together they say, is everything.


The Degrassi Reunion Episode

Ah, the biggest thing they’ve been hyping. The reunion. I’m of 2 minds about it. I’m glad they didn’t just stop the continuous plot subject in Next Class in order to do it a large love fest because that the old characters. I appreciate that. But if ns being honest? The reunion chin was type of a permit down. Offering only one episode to throw in so numerous cameos simply left me emotion unsatisfied. I’d hope we’d obtain some sort of acknowledgement that Spinner and Emma’s sham of a marriage however nope, it’s every hunky dory! Ugh.

Look, that was good to view them. My guy Sav is doing great and Holly J is still death it. Mo is tho existing, so rock on bro! ns loved the little references to everyone that they can not get, prefer Terri, Manny, and also even Jimmy. It to be fun and also cute, but some of these scenes didn’t feel details enough to the characters. I typical come on, Marco’s bit about listening come podcasts could have gone to anyone.

Paige and also Spinner finished up the with finest scene together they reflected on all their old mistakes and also how Degrassi is the finest perfect ar to learn. That was nice and also I wish us had much more scenes favor that. I recognize this is wacky to say, however I wish this had felt more like a superhero team up. Just go with me here. Imagine if we had actually a two part reunion episode wherein the personalities they regulated to get ago all got involved in the current personalities plotlines. No as mentors, just in fun wacky ways. Really make it feel prefer the old generation and also the brand-new generation were coming with each other for a common goal. Also make part jokes about the center generation!


I can’t think I’m saying this, but Peter coming right into Maya’s plot do the most sense. While us didn’t discover a lot around what taken place to him, we got enough that it felt satisfactory come any large Peter fans out there. I’m sure they exist. However come on, in your big reunion you offer Peter the biggest part? Lame.

I’ll echo what I claimed in my spoiler cost-free review once again and bemoan the lack of any Degrassi small Highor Degrassi High characters. This no a solemn event of Degrassi: The following Generation, this was supposed to be a solemn event of five hundred episodes of the Degrassi franchise. No love for Joey? Spike? Come on, you could have at the very least tried to acquire Spike. Possibly they did, that knows! of course snake was there yet come on, what about some BLT? ns guess the mention a few seasons back of line finding a dead kid when he was in high college is the the next we’ll gain to an old college reference. Five well.

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Honestly, if she interested in some actual reunion goodness? check out Degrassi’s social media pages. Yes sir an beloved promo with the returning cast members which features Adamo Ruggiero doing Marco’s trademark “turn to the camera” with the hoodie. The finest of every is Adamo and Shane Kippel (Spinner) reenacting Marco’s coming the end scene. It’s adorable and also feels choose a an ext fitting tribute climate what the present itself provided us.