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With a damaged heart, Hwayoung drops headfirst into the flow by accident but wakes up as infamous villainess Satiana Altisee Kaylon. Coming to terms through her brand-new life as sole daughter of residence Kaylon, Satiana is soon preferred as a candidate for the next empress! In the palace full of schemers and also liars, she must become a cold-blooded villainess to success her royal seat through the crown prince - or her brand-new family will challenge grave danger! will being perfectly angry really it is in enough? ‘Cause also villains require love! initial WebtoonOfficial Translation:French, English, Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian
Cerminan JiwaDefinicion de una dama malvadaDefinition of a bad LadyDefinition the a angry GirlLa justicia de una dama villanaMéchante malgré moiThe justice of a knevish WomanThe justice of knavish Woman恶女的定义悪女の定義악녀의 정의
c.163 by Sawateam 18 work agoc.162 by Sawateam 18 job agoc.161 by Sawateam around 1 month agoSearch for all releases that this series
147 Chapters + Prologue + 16 Side story (Complete)S1: 60 Chapters (1~60)S2: 50 Chapters (61~110)S3: 36 Chapters (111~147)

The factor She resides as a VillainessI'm in Trouble since My Husband Is so CuteSuddenly I decided to come to be the female LeadCheon Kiseuneun GyehoekjeogeuroHere come the silver- Spoon!
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The masculine lead is a dish rag. The is for this reason boring he makes me desire to slam mine head against a wall. In fact, over there isn't a single memorable character in this. I survived 75 chapters, yet I don't think I can take any kind of more.

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Utter garbage.The fl is boring together hell the plot tries come portray her together smart and also witty but just ruins with the simplistic and also boring techniques.Th ml is a as* The fl is a donkeyThat's the best method to explain it
I would certainly not recommend. Despite having words villainess in the title and description, by no method can the main character can be defined remotely villainous or cold blooded. I would far better recommend "The Villainess lives Twice" as it fits better the description of a villianess. The story follows our main character, Hwayoung, together she learns the her boyfriend and her best friend get together. Betrayed by the closest come her, she acquired drunk by a river and drowned accidentally. She gets transmigrated come the human body of Satiana, the battle each other of home Kaylon's daughter. She is forced to partake in the selection process for the following Empress candidate due to her family's status would lower if she would certainly withdraw. Satiana tried to amend the previous bullying the Lady Irene, one more Empress candidate
. Despite her attempt, Irene attempts to undermine Satiana at any type of chance she gets. As the story progresses, the only villain-like point Satiana would perform is part bullying and also throwing a tantrum
at she ladies-in-waitng in bespeak to figure out that is the spy for Irene. However, quickly, she i do not care friends v her ladies-in-waiting
. The crown prince find Satiana interesting and different indigenous what she was before. This sparks the crown prince's affection. However, Satiana make the efforts to avoid the crown prince due to the fact that she go not desire to it is in a lover stealer.
It turned out that the crown prince and also Irene only had a contract to appear as lovers and that her family members would assistance the prince. Once Satiana to learn this, the love between crown prince and her develops.
At a particular point in the story, Satiana's "super" expertise becomes therefore unrealistic the it damages the story. Together well, the key antagonist lacks sufficient intrigue and competence to save the story interesting.
When Irene's plot come poison it s her to acquire sympathy is revealed, Irene is removed as one Empress candidate. Native that point on, the story is practically unbearable. The is complete unrealistic nonsense, when Irene actually is able come kidnap Satiana near the end.
Overall, the is far better to law this together a basic love story than a villain story. Even as a love story, there space many far better ones.

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Like other reviewers said, this one starts out promising. But the author totally loses the plot through the 60 thing mark, and it i do not care a chore come read.There's a random boat plot suggest in the story that just KEEPS comes BACK. At first it to be cute, or whatever, maybe. She provides the existence of watercrafts to portray she smarts and gain some respect, a small boat-talk because that the benefits of character breakthrough is fine, right?BUT then IT DOESN'T STOP. Seriously, you would certainly think the FL was increased from the Titanic in a past life v the means that she obsesses end the fking boat. Ns can't stress sufficient how dreadfully boring the dialogue about the watercraft is. I'm persuaded that the author is pulling a prank on every one of us, or the that they to be hired to create thinly-veiled watercraft propaganda to manipulate the masses. It's nearly like this isn't an otoisekai in ~ all, it's just a watercraft manufacturer trying to subliminally recruit human being into the boating industryI am no writing around this to it is in cheeky or funny, the watercraft stuff is simply really the annoying.