Meant to acquire this post sooner, but due to technological difficulties… Anyway!

I’ve to be lucky sufficient to get to run no one, however TWO Shrouds v Geoff, Judye, Tholgrin, Bonnie Bew, the great (if short) people of Halfling Commandos and also Torchwood, and also – most importantly – Raid Princess PINK!

I rolled up a brand-new (and brand-newly-gimped) bladeforged pally called Foiled Again for the event. She eliminated a few things. An extremely few. I’m blaming she starter gear. Uh-huh, yeah, that’s it. Ns wasn’t the only one in the party v a knife inadequacy… however that’s a story for another time.

We go in on normal (because lag) for our inaugural attempt, and also it walk amazingly well. Disappointingly couple of shards dropped, however looked like Pink picked up a fair few ingredients, at least. Ns presented her with a bouquet of flowers to celebrate she first-ever Shroud, and also Bonnie gifted her through her an extremely own fiendling companion!

In fact, the first attempt walk so very well that once we walk in again a mainly or two later, we determined to shot it ~ above hard. That… didn’t go as well, LOL. We weren’t act badly till Phase 4 and also THE BLADES. OH, THOSE BLADES. At last Bonnie to be the just one left alive, and rather than spend time and also resources make the efforts to press through, we opted to begin over ~ above normal.

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An ext ings and a few shards because that Pink, and an ext fun!

I didn’t stream our an initial Shroud, but Bonnie did, and also you have the right to watch the here!

Pink go AMAZINGLY fine – much better, for sure, 보다 I did in my an initial Shroud or 2 or 10. Say thanks to you guys SO lot for including me!