A woman has come forward claiming the timeline, bear certificate and orphanage information enhance up v Correy"s, that was embraced by one American family members as an infant. "It’s the curiosity that wanting to understand where I come from," states the singer.

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Besides make it previous the judges’ homes part of The X Factor,season 2 contestant David Correy has other reasons to celebrate.

The 26-year-old reportedly found his birth mommy in Brazil, a lifelong great he hoped to fulfill.Correy, who is from Annapolis, Md., to be born in Recife, Brazil, and adopted by one American family when that was simply a baby. The singer to express his desire come reconnect with his birth mom in the very an initial audition in prior of judges Simon Cowell, Britney Spears, Demi Lovato and also L.A. Reid.

“Every time I’m ~ above stage, i go top top there with that assumed of knowing that I have actually the chance to reconnect v her v what God gave me, and also that’s my voice,” said Correy. Quickly after the clip aired,a woman claiming to be Correy’s mom contacted the Brazilian authorities and the regional media in Recife saying sherecognized his child pictures presented on TV, according to TMZ.

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Luciene Correia de Lima, 40, insurance claims that the timeline, birth certificate and orphanage info she gave local authorities complement up v Correy’s information, reports the Brazilian newspaper O Diario de Pernambuco.

Lima adds that she is ready to take a DNA test and do everything necessary to reunite through her son. “I had actually a dream to view him one day. Ns hope he desires to check out me,” she said.

But Correy, who spoke v the publishing via Skype, said he doesn’t recognize whether he will certainly go come Brazil or bring Lima come the U.S. To acquire the exam done. “Whatever she desires to do, I will certainly do,” he said.

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“I acquired a good family. They adopted me around the time i was 1 or 2 year old. I love my household to death, however it’s the curiosity of wanting to understand where I come from, if she sings what she looks like,” that says, adding,”I feel like the not discovering is why i sing through so lot soul.”

Indeed, Correy’s organic talent has lugged him to the top 16 and ontoReid’s team. Following stop: live episodes on the Fox show, i m sorry kick off Nov. 1.