Fans of big hair and large musical number were beyond thrilled come tune into NBC"s Hairspray Live! on Wednesday night. And although civilization were pretty thrilled through the music numbers and the transition from film to Broadway to film to TV, there was one thing that bothered viewers: the underutilization that Darren Criss. Viewers at home spent the night wonder why isn"t Darren Criss performing in Hairspray Live! and simply being lessened to a simple host.

When girlfriend think about it, putting Criss in the Ryan Seacrest duty may not have actually been the best use that the actor"s skill set. I mean, you"ve viewed his resume, right? No. Well let me fill you in.

Though most people know Criss because that his duty as Blaine Anderson in Glee, the actor to be flexing his vocal chords long before RyanMurphy came right into the picture. Follow to his IMBD page, Criss do his phase debut in ~ 10 in a manufacturing of Harold Rome"s Fanny. He appeared in several various other plays and also musicals prior to making his Broadway debut in 2012. That year, he replaced Daniel Radcliffe in the role of J. Pierrepont Finch in the rebirth of How to success in service Without yes, really Trying. Three years later, Criss went back to Broadway come play Hedwig in Hedwig and the upset Inch. So ns think it"s for sure to to speak the guy has actually some skills, right?

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Then why is that simply providing a behind-the-scenes tour and entertaining viewers throughout commercial breaks? Well, it"s possible that his absence of a sining function is because of his liven schedule. Follow to The Hollywood Reporter, Criss newly reprised his role of Hedwig for a Los Angeles and also San Fransisco tour that ran native Oct. 4 to Nov. 27. And while the tour didn"t dispute with the NBC airdate, Criss would have had to miss out on rehearsals in bespeak to require to the California stage.

But even if the tour started after Hairspray Live! aired, Criss still may not have been able come commit to a bigger role. Play the titular personality of Hedwig and also The Angry customs requires some significant physical skills. Ns mean, the guy is dancing and also jumping approximately stage in the highest if heels. All while singing. Criss would certainly have had actually to dedicate his time to training, not learning just how to twist and shout.

But still, it"s a shame that Criss isn"t shaking and also singing with the remainder of the cast. And also it"s other Twitter is pretty upset around too.

Yes, it"s disappointing the Criss didn"t take on the role of Corny Collins or attach Larkin. Yet really, fans have to be blessed that he made decision to sign up with them for the night at all. And also who knows.

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Maybe he"ll be actors in next year"s NBC musical.