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According come Haag’s obituary, that passed away five years ago, on in march 28, 2011, in the emergency room the Waukesha Memorial Hospital. His funeral took ar at Scott A. Black color Funeral Home.

2. The cause of death Was an Overdose

Maltby has shown that her fiance passed far from a drug overdose just around three months right into their engagement and also she is the person who uncovered him. She told Nick Viall top top The Bachelor the she had actually no idea he to be an addict. Haag to be 29 year old when he died. Click right here for a photograph of Haag via OKHereIsTheSituation.

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A article shared by danielle Maltby (

Haag’s parents Jonathan E. And also Kathleen A. Kish Haag hail native Nashville, Tennessee and, follow to OKHereIsTheSituation, Maltby finished up moving to Nashville after her fiance’s death. Christine Lo of OKHereIsTheSituation had this theory on Maltby’s move:

I found it amazing that ~ his catastrophic passing Dani relocated to Nashville, Tennessee because that a fresh start, however I almost wonder if she moved to Nashville to feel closer come him due to the fact that his family members was indigenous there and also Nick spent so many an excellent years play music there prior to moving to Waukesha, Wisconsin.

Haag left behind 3 brothers in enhancement to his parents and also other loved ones.

4. Haag was a Musician

In his life, Haag saw the Florida institution of the Arts and also graduated indigenous a music production school in Phoenix, Arizona, follow to his obituary. He played in several bands and was experienced on the drums and electric guitar.

Haag relocated to Nashville in 2005 to join the Wayne Mills band for a couple of years prior to getting along with the tape Chasin’ Mason for a couple years. Chasin’ Mason is his last listed gig, according to his linked In page. Haag also ended up performing through a girlfriend under the surname “Barkeep.”