This has been a very strange week for Fortnite: battle Royale challenges. First, they to be delayed native Tuesday come move earlier to Thursday, and now the datamined challenges have to be altered, and there’s a brand brand-new one that wasn’t there before.

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Gone is the challenge to search for heaviness Stones, everything those to be (I think castle were various than Hop Rocks), and also now players space tasked through the an obstacle to “dance v others to raise the disco round by prey Lake.”

For the remainder of the Season 4, mainly 5 challenges and how to complete them, click here. Here"s whereby to walk if you want to monitor the Greasy Grove sweetheart Map.

This is actually building on something that fans assumed was patched into the game as one easter egg a couple of days ago, but it transforms out it to be laying the groundwork because that this very challenge. Part players may be a small miffed that they have to rely on others to obtain this excellent in a squad fairly than doing the solo, but get ~ above a mic and I’m guessing you’ll have no trouble convincing human being to obtain this an obstacle done, because everyone desires to.

So, what carry out you actually do?

Loot Lake is a huge area, yet you’re walk to want to head come the factory by the west side of it, which ns have marked on the map here:

To get an ext specific, the building you’re looking for is this one, as shown in the screenshot below:

After that, you’re going to want to head inside v your squad. Over there you’ll uncover a large room with 4 dance floors in four various corners. The disco sphere is hooked up to a time Square brand-new Year’s-like machine in the middle. Once every one of you begin dancing, the round will raise. Save dancing and also it will certainly reach the top, whereby there will certainly be an explosion of confetti, and with the brand-new pop-up an obstacle completion an alert in the game, you have to see the you’ve completed it.

While this is mechanically easy, i’m guessing that solo players aren’t going to it is in super pleased to have come play squads through randoms to do this work, but it need to literally take you no an ext than 90 secs if you deserve to convince your squad to execute it v you. The wrinkle will be that beforehand in the week especially, a lot of squads room going to it is in trying to get this done, therefore this booty lake run party may end up turning into a murder festival if a bunch of groups all land there at once.

I think this is a fun little challenge, and it’s probably easier than searching down seven various objects would have actually been, i beg your pardon is what that replaced, or to dance in former of seven different cameras all over the map, i beg your pardon we’ve viewed in the past.

So, all set your Orange justice emote and get dancing.

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