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Maddie Ziegler on "Dance Moms." life time In the first episode, she mom, Melissa Gisoni, proudly declared that Maddie was Abby Lee Miller"s, the controversial and also strict teacher that the upstream Abby Lee dance Company, favorite student.

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The dancer retained that location for many of she ALDC career.


Maddie Ziegler is collection to appear in the "West next Story" remake. Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty photos

In 2014, Maddie struggle it huge when musician Sia tapped she to appear in the "Chandelier" music video. The two have continued to work closely together, and also Ziegler starred in Sia"s 2021 movie "Music," which has actually been criticized for spreading an able-bodied gibbs to pat a disabled character.

Maddie is also collection to pat Velma in the 2021 "West next Story" remake.

In enhancement to dancing and acting, she judged Fox"s "So friend Think You deserve to Dance?" in 2016, released a memoir title "The Maddie Diaries" in 2017, and launched a makeup repertoire with Morphe in 2020.

Maddie's younger sister, Mackenzie, was one of the youngest ALDC dancers.


Mackenzie Ziegler top top "Dance Moms." lifetime

Mackenzie was roughly 6 year old in ~ the begin of the show, so she contended in a lower period bracket than the rest of the team.

She was recognized for her comedic quotes, like when she claimed she didn"t have to be a Broadway dancer, she simply wanted to continue to be home and eat chips.

She's now concentrating on an acting and also singing career.


Mackenzie Ziegler released an album, "Phases," in 2018. Paul Archuleta/Getty photos

After leaving "Dance Moms," Mackenzie has actually released music under the stage name Kenzie.

She to reduce her first album "Phases" in 2018 and also even collaborated v Sia for her 2020 track "Exhale."

With a growing presence on YouTube and TikTok, Kenzie"s likewise branched into acting by certification on the Brat web series "Total Eclipse" and also voicing the main character in the united state version that the film "Ice Princess Lily" (2019).

Recently, Mackenzie contended as Tulip top top Fox"s "The masked Dancer" and also came in 3rd place. She additionally played Ivy in "Let united state In" (2021).

In September 2021, she marked a new era of she music career with her solitary "Happy for Me."

Chloe Lukasiak often played second fiddle to Maddie.

Chloe Lukasiak ~ above "Dance Moms." life time

Chloe to be 9 years old as soon as she first appeared on "Dance Moms," and she was among Maddie"s best challengers.

Every week to be a battle to check out which among them would success the solo in ~ the competition.

Now, she's a released writer.

Chloe Lukasiak has actually talked about attending Pepperdine University. man Wolfsohn/Getty pictures

Chloe stepped far from the often-toxic competitive-dance worldwhen she left the collection at the finish of season four. Now, she"s twenty years old.

She has actually a different Instagram wherein she short articles her poetry, and also she previously released a publication in 2018 dubbed "Girl top top Pointe: Chloe"s overview to taking on the World."

She additionally uploads vlogs on YouTube because that over 2 million subscribers and has showed up in assorted movies favor "Center Stage: on Pointe" (2016) and "Loophole" (2019).

In her videos, she likewise talks around attending Pepperdine University and her college experience.

In 2021, she started a publication club v an Instagram the now has actually over 17,000 followers.

Nia Sioux was 10 once her "Dance Moms" journey began.

Nia Sioux ~ above "Dance Moms." lifetime

Although Abby Lee look at didn"t take into consideration her among the height dancers, Nia held her own and even learned exactly how to perfect a complicated signature relocate — the death drop, in which the dancer falls to the soil in a split-legged pose.

Nia is right now enrolled at UCLA.

Nia Sioux is acting and singing if attending UCLA. Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty images

The 20-year-old is attending UCLA while also staying busy with a budding singing and acting career.

She"s operated on shows like CBS" "The Bold and also the Beautiful" and Brat"s web series "Sunnyside Up."

Nia dropped her latest solitary "Low an essential Love" in 2020, and she vlogs ~ above YouTube because that over a million subscribers.

In 2021, she started the podcast "Adulting with Teala and Nia" alongside Teala Dunn and played Hanna Brooks in the TV movie "Imperfect High."

She"s set to appear in the upcoming film "I am Mortal," i m sorry is in post-production.

Brooke Hyland to be the earliest member of the team once the present started.

Brooke Hyland ~ above "Dance Moms." life time

At 13 years old, Brooke had already been dancing because that years and seemed, in ~ times, to be getting exhausted of it.

Throughout the series, she would certainly say that she was lacking out on constant high-school tasks because she was so concentrated on dance.

Brooke at some point got the normal college experience she wanted.

Brooke Hyland graduated from Ohio University. Presley Ann/Getty photos

After leave the display at period 16, Brooke finished up high school and eventually went on come graduate indigenous Ohio University v a marketing degree in 2019.

She tried her hand at a singing career quickly after she left "Dance Moms," however now she runs a popular food-themed Instagram accountand occasionally write-ups on she YouTube channel, which has actually over 200,000 subscribers.

She still seems to it is in close friends through Niaand to be pictured hanging out with her in late 2020.

Brooke's younger sister, Paige, to be 10 year old once the present started.

Paige Hyland ~ above "Dance Moms." lifetime

Paige tried tough to store up with Chloe and Maddie yet often uncovered herself relegated to group dances instead of solos.

Paige is now a college student with millions of Instagram followers.

Paige Hyland periodically dances top top TikTok. Johnny Nunez/Getty photos

According to she Instagram, the 20-year-old at this time attends West Virginia University.

Gaining popular on social media, Paige has over 3 million followers on Instagram and over 900,000 top top TikTok, where she"ll sometimes show off she dance moves.

Kendall Vertes join the present on season two.

kendal Vertes top top "Dance Moms." lifetime

Dancing because she was simply 18 months old, the then-9-year-old stayed on the display through season seven.

Kendall is currently an actress and also singer.

kendal Vertes has appeared in number of films. Paul Archuleta/Getty images

Under the stage name kendall K, she released number of albumsand singles, through her latest track "Girl Talk" debuting in 2018.

The 18-year-old also branched right into acting, recently appearing in the movies "Rapunzel: A Princess Frozen in Time" (2019), "Santa in Training" (2019), and a live-action version of "Anastasia" (2020), around the Romanov royal family.

In 2021, she started hosting "The kendall K. And Friends Show" top top CBS-TV.

She likewise regularly write-ups on her Instagram page, which has over 8 million followers.

Asia Monet beam joined the show during season three.

Asia Monet beam on "Dance Moms." life time

When she was 8 year old, Asia was lugged onto the ALDC team and also challenged various other performers prefer Mackenzie.

Asia is now concentrating on a to sing career.

Asia Monet Ray short articles song covers on YouTube. Yuchen Liao/Getty pictures

After "Dance Moms," she had her own life time reality display called "Raising Asia" the ran for a solitary season in 2014.

Asia additionally jumped right into acting, showing up on multiple episodes of ABC"s "Grey"s Anatomy" and FX"s "American Crime Story."

These days, the 16-year-old is prioritizing a music career, together she released her single "Real Life" in 2019 and frequently posts song consists on she YouTube page to virtually 500,000 subscribers.

Kalani Hilliker join the elite dance team throughout season four.

Kalani Hilliker on "Dance Moms." life time

Kalani acquired attention top top Lifetime"s "Abby"s Ultimate run Competition," a "Dance Moms" spin-off in i m sorry young performers compete for $100,000 and also a scholarship to the Joffrey Ballet School.

She officially join the reality-show actors when she to be 13 year old.

The 21-year-old is still dancing.

Kalani Hilliker introduced a heat of prom dresses. Dana Pleasant/Getty images for

Her Instagram page, which has actually over 6 million followers, is filled through videos mirroring off she moves. She captioned one clip, "Dance is always my 1st love."

In enhancement to dancing, Kalani currently vlogs on she YouTube channel because that over 800,000 subscribers.

She likewise dove into the civilization of fashion through a heat of formal dresses for Prom Girl, and also several "Dance Moms" alumni, choose Nia and also Kendall, attended her launch event.

Kalani"s additionally acted in projects choose the movie "Swiped" (2018) and also on the Brat TV display "Dirt."

She still appears to befriends through Kendall, and shared a selfie through her ~ above Instagram in January 2021.

JoJo Siwa joined the "Dance Moms" cast in 2015.

JoJo Siwa ~ above "Dance Moms." lifetime

JoJo to be a late enhancement to the series, official joining throughout season five.

Before her entrance to the main team, JoJo to be on "Abby"s Ultimate dance Competition" once she was just 9 years old.

She's one of the most famed stars to come native the show.

JoJo Siwa has millions that followers and also subscribers across multiple platforms. Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP images

JoJo has over 12 million subscribers on her YouTube channel and also she"s additionally gained end 37 million pendant on TikTok.

The 18-year-old walk a small bit the everything, from exhilaration to singing to vlogging.

JoJo likewise has an equipment line v Claire"s, illustrated T-Rex ~ above Fox"s "The masking Singer,"and was called one of Time"s 100 many influential human being of 2020.

Recently, she starred in Nickelodeon"s run flick "The J Team" (2021).

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She"s currently competing ~ above ABC"s "Dancing through the Stars" and also earned the first perfect score the the season because that her and dance partner Jenna Johnson"s foxtrot.

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