This Season in Fortnite: battle Royale, Epic desires you to present off a tiny bit. The obstacles for Season 4, mainly 2 have arrived, and one of castle asks you to go explore some of the new locations top top the map by walking to go dance in prior of movie cameras: seven in total. It"s a clever means to press players towards much more recently included locations since every ar you"ll be going for this an obstacle is one of two people brand-new or radically changed from what castle looked like last season.

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See the remainder of the mainly 2 Challenges, and find out just how to finish them.

Some that these will be easy to find since they"re at several of the prominent brand-new film sets. Some are little more obscure, and there are likely a couple of more not contained below. Here"s a map of where you"re going, v credit to Fortnite Intel:

In message form, this are:

~ above the western edge that the racetrack at the film studio east of Junk Junction
In front of the huge helicopter in Moisty Mire inside the other, boxed-in collection at Moisty Mire close to the dinosaurfootprint south of Snobby Shores inside the big building at Haunted Hills inside a green-screen room at Risky Reels inside the indoor Soccer ar West of Tilted Towers come the west that Shifty Shafts in ~ the damaged bridge northwest that the prison, i beg your pardon is north of Moisty Mire

That"s ten, i m sorry is enough to completethe an obstacle with three to spare. We"ll update this perform if we find more, yet this will gain you there.

Some the these must be pretty simple to pick up in one match, specifically the 2 at Moisty Mires or the 2 at Haunted Hills and also Junk Junction. Suppose Moisty Mires to it is in a hotspot because that at the very least the beginning of this week, however, so gain ready through your emote wheel to acquire the run out before you"re shotgunned into oblivion. If you"re planning on shotgunning civilization into oblivion, be type at least: make sure your target is at least dancing before you remove them.

Movies plainly play some type of important function in Season 4, as shown by the film sets and the secret, unlockable "Blockbuster" skin the you have the right to work towards after unlocking Tier 100 in the battle Pass. But it"s tho unclear just how that theme is going to evolve, particularly as the stands alongside the superhero/government study theme that arised with last week"s map rewrite. We"ll see much more soon.

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