If you to be a fan of the fight TV drama Downton Abbey, which speak the story the the Crawley family and also their substantial estate, friend would recognize Dan Stevens who starred together Matthew Crawley – Lady Mary’s husband.

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The English actor was born in 1982 in ~ Croydon in Surrey and went on come train in exhilaration at the national Youth Theatre of great Britain.

While in ~ Emmanuel university in Cambridge, wherein he learned English Literature, Stevens acted in number of student drama productions, play leading duties in few of them.

This to be the start of his budding exhilaration career that conveniently led to stardom as he join the list of renowned movie stars.

Perhaps one of the most shocking points that happened in Stevens’ life to be his weight loss, i beg your pardon startled many of his fans throughout the world.

How did the happen? Why did he carry out it? What type of diet to be he on, and what did he look like ago then and now?

Follow along to acquire the answers to Dan Stevens’ load loss, diet, and before and after photos.

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Dan Stevens load Loss: just how Did it Happen



After being killed off the standard British series, Stevens, who was 30 years old ago then, slimmed down by 3 stones (30 pounds); that barely looked like himself anymore.

Fans of the Hollywood star were appalled through the transformation, and also there were numerous rumors going about over what could’ve occurred to the Downton star together he revolutionized from a well-fed aristocrat come a trim fashion symbol in a quick time.

Stevens, who determined to leave the Downton Abbey actors after play Matthew Crawley for 3 years, said it felt prefer the ideal thing to perform for him and has gone on to come to be a fully-fledged film star. 

In a how amazing twist though, his personality in the drama collection died in a automobile accident as he to be heading residence to Downton after ~ his mam bore a son.

Quashing load Loss Rumors



However, the actor quashed any type of rumors when he come out and also said that the weight loss wasn’t due to grief or any type of other reason. He just needed it because that a role.

Stevens lost around thirty pounds (about 2 or three chins in brothers terms) after having actually been fixed as a extensively well-bred chap in the public’s perception. Come fans, he was the purveyor of an excellent looks, manners, and period dramas.

In fact, one critic likened him come a young Hugh Grant due to the fact that of his floppy-haired, Oxbridge burnishes, and his sleek white bow ties and tailcoats dress code.



To obscure his well features, Stevens appears to have actually done lot in his current years consisting of dying his hair black, because that the thriller A Walk among the Tombstones, which make him appear ravaged as a heroin trafficker.

Unlike his Downton days, Stevens shows up much leaner, v his hair in its natural chestnut brown color. He also moved to new York indigenous London in 2013 and also lives in Brooklyn through wife Susie Harriet, and also their three children: Willow, Aubrey, and also Eden.

The polite and likeable celebrity says his move to The huge Apple significant a different method to plenty of things in his life including his an individual health.

His exercise regime includes yoga, swimming, security time at the gym, and choosing a dairy-free diet. The hardworking actor claims he takes much more care around himself and his wellness now than once he resided in London.

In fact, in his role as the leonine Beast in the classic, live-action remake of Beauty and also the Beast, he was at the gym every day during the five-month shoot in ~ the Shepperton Studios in Surrey.

For such a role and v the Lycra muscle fit he wore, Stevens needed to strengthen his legs to plot in 10-inch stilts, which were painful and also hard come wear and also walk in. He additionally developed good core toughness that aided him breathe and also sing better.

Losing Pupp



Stevens admits the he lost some that his puppy fat, and says he did a the majority of gym work and martial arts, i m sorry fed right into his character’s psychology for Liam Neeson’s A Walk amongst the Tombstones film.

The chubby cheeks of Downton are lengthy gone, i m sorry he says were very fitting because that his Matthey Crawley role, and component of the job alongside the different accent, physique, and costumes.

He adds the his wife is delighted about his slimmer body, i m sorry for she is like getting a whole new husband, and also everything settled for his new film role. The believes in various roles, incarnations, costumes, and sizes, plus he can readjust his hair when essential for different roles.

Bulking Up

Besides slimming down for the duty in the 2014 thriller wherein he play a drug trafficker no hope to uncover his wife’s kidnappers and also killers, Stevens additionally grew a beard. He looked jarringly various in the film with a dark mustache, goatee, and also thinner face.

Immediately after ~ that, he had a new guest role he had to bulk up for in the thriller The Guest, whereby he starred as a discharged soldier that tries to safeguard his identity by walking on a killing spree. He had actually to work even harder to lose weight and gain more muscles because that the role.

He later dyed his hair lighter and also grew a fuller beard come portray his character together a more innocent, trustworthy, and caring soldier, from a downtrodden character.

Diet: What walk Dan Stevens Eat To lose Weight


Stevens jokes around his weight loss end the years, however he has sculpted out a career for himself since he relocated to brand-new York.

The 37-year-old acknowledges his brand-new look however fans have actually been questioning what kind of diet that went ~ above to shed a whopping 30 pounds, albeit for a film role.

For the to achieve the level of physics strength and also get the physique necessary for the various roles that took, the upped his training levels and made diet changes too.

Stevens basically shed weight by complying with a clean diet arrangement for his roles and also took manage of what the ate to lose over 30 pounds. It was pretty extensive as he had actually to scrutinize each and also everything that put right into his body.

He no eat dairy, yet his diet was protein-heavy, and also he no eat meat just to redress the balance. If it’s cake, he only eats gluten-free cakes.

Stevens admits he isn’t a natural gym bunny, and also he functioned hard to adjust his metabolism. Numerous pain is involved in the process, which experienced him train four hours every day for a entirety month and also continued after two months the shooting because that the movie role.

To graduate to a reduced figure, the Hollywood star took control of his diet and became more aware the what that put into his body. He also worked with a nutritionist come prepare the physically for the sort of maintain he to be undergoing.

In fact, the hardest component was prepping for the Beauty and the Beast duty as he had actually to eat 4 roast dinners every job to preserve his physicality.

He trust being mindful of what you eating instead of maintaining a particular diet is crucial as different people metabolize things differently, and also respond come various creates of exercise.

The training and diet were intensive and felt pretty strictly for him. He additionally admits the he misses Indian food and other elements of the UK, including that the new lifestyle the workout and diet is a pretty athletic project for him.

As because that his favourite drink, the prefers to take it sparkling mineral water, nothing heavier 보다 that in ~ the moment. That loves baking brownies and loves to eat at practically any Indian restaurant in London.

Did Dan Stevens Take load Loss Pills?



There are numerous ads and published posts claiming that you have the right to use the same weight ns pills that Dan Stevens used to shed the 30 pounds that adjusted his body from chubby to knockout.

However, it’s essential to keep in mind that Dan Stevens never mentioned his load loss was for the services of his health, yet for a movie role.

He lost weight because that the role in Liam Neeson’s A Walk amongst the Tombstones thriller and had to bulk up through gaining an ext muscle for a fully new role altogether in The Guest.

If you find for Dan Stevens online, you’ll meet with number of stories from trustworthy publishers about how he transformed his body end the years, however none of those claims that he used weight lose pills.

Strangely though, there are several sites that claim to have actually the weight loss pills that Stevens purportedly took to shed weight. These room not to be trusted and there’s no an extensive evidence the points to the fact that Stevens take it pills for load loss purposes.

Hollywood Celebrities Who shed Weight favor Dan Stevens & just how They go It

In stimulate to gain in character for a role, numerous actors transform your bodies by losing or obtaining weight relying on the requirements.

Some actors have actually gone on diet or stopped eating altogether simply to ensure they acquire their winning and/or Oscar-nominated functions as various characters.

There are many of them but here’s a perform of simply some that the an excellent actors and also actresses who favor Dan Stevens go all-out to shed weight because that movie roles.

Jake Gyllenhall

He’s famous for several leading functions in various movies, yet for his duty in Nightcrawler, Jake went all out and lost a chuck 30 pounds. To acquire into the psychic of a career-hungry, deranged freelance journalist, that didn’t take on any type of special diet – he simply stopped eating. 

He’d try eating as few calories as he could and also when he was hungry, that knew he was in the ideal spot. This took a toy fee on his mental and also chemical state together it came to be a battle for him. Plus, he regularly went ~ above 15-mile operation to the film collection from his home.

Matthew McConaughey

Matthew, a top Hollywood actor also lost 47 pounds for his Dallas Buyers Club role where he play an HIV patient. 

He went on to win an Oscar for this role, yet dieting to be hard-core for him. He lost 7 pounds on a weekly basis eating simply a Diet Coke, piece of chicken and also two egg white skin - man in the morning – pretty turbulent diet. He was always irritable and also hungry, yet to make it critical longer, he’d eat tapioca pudding v a small teaspoon.

Tom Hanks

For his function in Castaway, Tom Hanks shed 55 pounds to play the duty of a man who had lived on an island for numerous years. This he says was the most excessive diet he went on, however he never gave up coffee v it all. 

He also lost another 26 pounds for his duty in Philadelphia where he played an AIDS-stricken Andrew Beckett.

50 Cent

The rapper and business mogul shed 50 pounds for his role in all Things autumn Apart. That looked unrecognizable in a photo of himself that shocked fans since he to be so skinny together a football player struggling with cancer. 50 Cent walk on a nine-week fluid diet and settled multiple times a day.

Chris Hemsworth

Chris mutual a very skinny photograph on Instagram while on a minimal diet because that his duty in The love of The Sea. He lost 33 pounds acquisition a 500-calorie-a-day diet in about four weeks. 

At one point, he had actually only a couple of crackers, a boiled egg, and also a celery rod on a day-to-day basis, a diet he says he wouldn’t recommend.

Chris Pratt

This movie star shed a staggering 60 pounds in simply six months because that a duty in the an initial Guardians that the Galaxy film. That trained rather a lot because that the Marvel superhero movie, ditching beer so he could take the Peter Quill role. 

His workout routine was likewise pretty intense through a personal trainer and also nutritionist come boot. He would certainly consume about 4000 calories every day and also did a most swimming, running, kickboxing, and also a triathlon. 

He stated he lost an ext weight by eating more of the right and also healthy foodstuffs such the his body never underwent starvation by the time he was done with the movie.

Ben Kingsley

Kingsley was picked the end for the function of Gandhi in a movie directed by teacher Richard Attenborough. Attenborough was searching for an actor because that the duty for 2 decades and finally resolved on Kingsley and also gave the the offer. 

The father of Indian descent went through considerable preparations because that his role, which had shaving his head, analysis biographies, studying photographs and even losing 20 pounds top top Gandhi’s vegetarian diet. 

He immersed self in the logical and also mechanical component of the role, which informs his work as an actor.

Christian Bale

Bale dropped 63 pounds just to take it up his duty in The Machinist film. He stopped exercising and also eating, though losing and gaining load for such purposes has been his forte. 

He hadn’t also been asked to shed weight because that that role but did it on his own anyway. He was intrigued to see whether he might go beyond what he was asked and also see if he can push his limits. 

His daily diet contained an apple, vitamins, a deserve to of tuna, and running every day. The adjusts for what is needed only if he has an obsession with the specific role.

Adam Driver

You know him as Kylo Ren in the Star Wars: The pressure Awakens film, but it wasn’t till Martin Scorsese asked the to shed weight for Silence that he made decision to drop part pounds. 

He played as a Jesuit priest in addition to Andrew Garfield who travel to find their mentor in Japan. After 2 years that living away from Portugal, Scorsese wanted them to look as if lock were shedding weight therefore he asked them both to melted lots of pounds. 

They had no idea how much it would be, however Driver decided to control his load by limiting what the ate. He to be so hungry and tired at some allude but that couldn’t carry out anything beyond what he was already doing.

Jonah Hill

For his function in Moneyball, Jonah Hill lost about 40 pounds and also got a nutritionist to assist him slim under for the movie. 

His diet was chicken fingers and also pizza – more like a meal type a kid’s birthday party, however he started eating an ext vegetables too. 

The nutritionist advised him what come take besides physically running, which he did with each other with around 10 pushups every day, working his method to 100 pushups daily.

Jared Leto

Leto stopped eating just to lose more than 30 pounds because that the Dallas Buyers Club function starring together Matthew McConaughey in the 2013 movie together a transsexual v HIV and also then AIDS. In total, the dropped about 30 or 40 pounds, which he says impacted everything from how he talked and walked, to emotion unsafe and fragile.

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Final Thoughts

As did you do it seen, Dan Stevens and also other celebrities have tendency to shed weight to take it up their duties in different films. 

Depending on how much they have to lose, some would certainly go hungry, eat very little, and also workout a lot. However, they had the aid of a an individual trainer and also nutritionist. 

Before you shot any of your weight loss tips, examine with your physician, a nutritionist, and a physics trainer for the ideal results.