"Woke up favor this," #nofilter, and no-makeup selfies room the can be fried humblebrag the the online beauty world. Because that celebs, posting lock has end up being a type of rite that passage, a minute to say, "look how brave ns am for reflecting you mine bare face when ns am supposed to look just so every one of the time." that course, for many of those celebs, that bare challenge is the product of hrs with beauty, beauty professionals and also thousands that dollars' worth of skin care, making it about as realistic and also achievable because that the average person as waking increase looking favor a Victoria's secret Angel. Therefore in a weird way, it's refreshing to see a celebrity come out and also say that no-makeup selfies aren't for her.

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Star Wars: The force Awakens star Daisy Ridley newly posted a selfie on she Instagram criticizing the social-media obsession v idea of effortless perfection and also pointing out the impacts that can have on people's self-esteem.

"3 of these statements aren't true... Social media is an excellent but also a little scary cause what people post is the most filtered, most closely chosen and cleverly edited moments of your lives. And also self-esteem is a substantial issue because that people about the world," she to write in the photo's caption. The actress candidly adds, "My skin isn't great, so ns don't article no make up selfies, lot as I'd prefer to."

Ridley, who is known for her epos gym selfies, likewise calls herself out for no being 100 percent genuine in what she chooses to re-publishing online. "I have a trainer urging me on in workouts and also don't incorporate all the times ns say 'I can't perform it' and also I don't laugh all the time however I like to re-publishing the pictures where i am," she continues. "But ns actually do love myself, I shot to think great thoughts always and am surrounded by the most wonderful people, so I'm maintaining it balanced (like the Force, obvs)."

Since the release of The force Awakens, Ridley's character, Rey, has end up being a hero for countless Star Wars fans—especially young women—so it's an excellent to see her gift up-front about the pitfalls and pressures of society media. And for all of us who have actually struggled to uncover exactly the right lighting for our no-makeup self or spent hrs fiddling v Facetune and also filters, it's nice to recognize that even starlets don't wake up like that.

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