Season 1, episode 18 Airdate December 29, 2002 Production Number 2213 Written by Matt MaiellaroDave Willis command by← 1x17Mail stimulate Bride2x01 →Super birthday Snake Aqua teen Hunger Force — Season One
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Cybernetic Ghost that Christmas previous from the Future is the eighteenth episode of the very first season the Aqua teenager Hunger Force.

Voices: Dana Snyder (Master Shake), Carey means (Frylock), Dave Willis (Meatwad/Carl), Matt Maiellaro (The Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas previous from the Future), mc kris (Young Carl), C. Boy name Croker (Dr. Weird/Steve), Vishal Roney (Captain)

Featuring: glen Danzig (Himself)

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Plot Overview

A large hand comes down from the sky and steals Dr. Weird"s laboratory. Dr. Weird and also Steve escape just in time.

Carl is sleeping in his room as soon as he is awakened by a robot that insurance claims to it is in the Ghost of Christmas Past. That has come to show Carl what Christmas was prefer for Carl in 1968. A flashback reflects a young Carl and also his father. Carl opens his "present", i m sorry he hopes is a "new mommy", but instead is a item of burba carpet, which supposedly is his dinner. Carl"s dad says that it"s time to go to work and also for Carl to placed on his respirator. All of sudden a bunch of large robots stomp the room and also shoot lazers everywhere. Carl remebers eating carpet, yet not the lazers and also robots. The ghost claims that the factor he doesn"t remember it since it was just a prophecy, however in the future, the past has occured. Carl reminds the robot that it"s not Christmas at all, however in fact February. The robot pipeline in a cloud the smoke, saying he"ll be back.

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Master Shake mirrors up to tell Carl that his swimming pool is complete of blood. Frylock determines it to it is in elfin blood. The ghost arrives and also informs them all the he is responsible for the blood. Frylock asks the why, and also he goes into a story explaining how thousands of year ago, an ape named "Sir Santa the Claus" that enslaved elves to make toys, then ended up being lost and also built his residence in the precise spot where Carl"s house at this time sits. Meatwad is frightened that the totality story is true, but Frylock assures him the it"s not true. The ghost changes his story, speak Santa is currently a machine. Frylock reminds the ghost that he quiet hasn"t explained the elf blood, and he claims that the was as result of the "great curcuiting". He climate goes earlier into another story, and talks to the night, finishing with an explanation of whereby babies come from—for machines. Anyone else has fallen asleep, but Meatwad is still involved in conversation v him. When they awaken Frylock, they expose that Carl"s home was constructed on elf graves, and also the ghost is haunting it because Carl desecrated the land. The only means to end it is because that Carl to give himself sexually to the good Red Ape.

Carl would much rather relocate out though, therefore he packs his boxes. The gets ready to take it a shower head to obtain ready for some potential buyers because that his house, yet ends up spanned in elfin blood. He end up mirroring the residence to glenn Danzig. He defines the functions of the house and the shrieking robot the comes with it, and also shows that the pool, quiet filled v blood, which it s okay Danzig interested in to buy the house. That asks for a price, and also accepts Carl"s offer of a million. He operation sprinklers i beg your pardon spray blood all over the front yard and also house, and comes end to the Aqua Teens" house, searching for the robot. Shake says he hasn"t watched him, yet does show Danzig a haunted kitchen, i beg your pardon is Meatwad covered in a blanket with the lights flipping on and also off, in an effort to obtain Danzig to buy your house. Danzig gets angry and leaves. Meatwad tells the ghost come come the end from the hallway. The ghost says that that is freaked out by Danzig, and Shake orders him to make the house bleed.}}


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