Make New is a band of creative missionaries sent to multiply movements of the gospel and mobilize the church for that mission around the world.

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Creativity + Redemption is a Latin word that means to make new.Our name is a powerful statement about the aim of our partnership with God’s work in the world—the redemption of people everywhere. We long to see men, women, and children made new in the image of Jesus.

Our name also describes how we go about this redemptive mission. We are innovators, artists, risk-takers, and catalysts. We believe creativity is critical to sparking and sustaining the gospel movements we long to see.

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Making Things New works creatively to multiply gospel movements around the globe. Our leaders go, serve, equip, mobilize, and collaborate with others until the good news of Jesus is heard by everyone. We look for innovative ways to partner with God wherever he is making people new.

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Around the world, the Discovery Bible Study process has become one of our most useful tools for mission and gospel movement. Whether it happens in a neighborhood in West Africa, an urban center in Europe and the Middle East, or small-town America, the effect is the same: people encounter the message of Jesus through the scripture and lives are transformed.

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Join a community of committed disciples for a discovery-based journey that will encourage, empower, and bless you with practical prayer tools to help you step into your spiritual authority.

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I have faced the enemy and learned his name. His name is not risk, danger, or lack. It’s a life not lived.

We see in scripture that God heals at a distance. This current season with Zoom being our primary platform of connecting with each other is just a modern way to experiment with that reality.

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An invitation into a Muslim home for one of their largest religious holidays would unexpectedly become an opportunity to clearly share the good news. And the surprising catalyst? Musical theater.