We’ve all heard of the core Alternate Start - Live Another Life mod, which offers a wide variety of different places you can choose to start your Skyrim adventure other than Helgen. It’s a great mod that has inspired other mod authors to include compatibility patches for Alternate Start options in their own separate mods. What I’d like to do is put together a comprehensive list of other mods that offer an Alternate Start - Live Another Life component in order to let people know what other options are out there.

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Here are the ones I know about:

Know of any other mods that offer Alternate Start - Live Another Life options? Link them in the comments below!


Another list! YES!! Just a quick heads up, some of the captured scenarios cannot be escaped from if you are playing with a controller. For some reason they require the keyboard movement keys. Also, I believe you meant "prisoner of the Falmer in Blackreach." Otherwise you've been down there a really long time.

Yeah that killed it for me. And it's a silly mechanic anyway. At least I could not reliably get out of it and rotating my fingers around wasd instead of a joystick was funky. Would have liked the mod other than that.

Joopvande's mods all have the same ASLAL add-ons for LE, so I don't know why you are labeling them as SSE Only. The plugins are in the Optional/Misc section of their respective Mod files page.

The answer is that I ran a search for classic versions of the separate ASLAL option files and found nothing. I will update with links to the Classic versions.

For the white river priory ASLAL patch, I too found it broken, but the robes can be unequipped by dropping them.

Why the alt start for 3 border mods only SSE? They are available in classic too. Nyhus Haafstad Folkstead.

Legacy has a built in Psudo LAL start (listed above) but also is getting an addon called "Relic Hunter" that will add a variation to let you start as the Explorer Society Guild Master right at the start with some extra features out on a small excavation intro quest. It will be dropping when V19-remastered goes live next month

I've always been very glad for LAL. That said, I did create a personal patch to rearrange the order of the options for LAL, New Beginnings, and the 3 border regions (Nyhus, etc).

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Great list; I hadn't heard of the border mods prior to this, and will definitely be checking them out (and updating my planned AS playthrough spreadsheet)!

Fantastic! The post requesting that is what inspired this post. Glad to see someone made it happen. I've updated the list. Thanks for letting me know.

I know I'm kind of late to the party, but does anyone have any SSE mods that compliment the skooma addict playthrough?

Bathing Beauties or Beefcake - Luxury Suite: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/11427/? has and addon for LAL

you'll need OSEX if you want sexy time there


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