Construct the molecular orbit diagram for H2- and then identify the bond order. Shortcut order: Click slim the blue box to include electrons.

The concept used to settle this problem is based on molecular orbit diagram.

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A molecular orbital diagram is used to define chemical bonding in a molecule. This chart is based ~ above the molecular orbital theory.

According to the molecular orbital theory, molecule orbitals the a molecule is created by combination of its atomic orbitals and electrons room distributed among the molecule orbitals.

The shortcut order of any type of molecule is calculated by utilizing electrons i m sorry are dispersed in molecular orbital diagram.

BO=12(nb−na)B_O\rm = \frac12\left( n_\rmb - n_\rma \right)BO​=21​(nb​−na​) …… (1)

Here, BOB_OBO​ is link order, nbn_\rmbnb​ is total variety of electrons existing in bonding orbital and nan_\rmana​ is total variety of electrons current in antibonding orbital.


Construct molecular orbital diagram and also fill 333 electrons in bonding and antibonding 1s1\rms1s orbitals.



Total number of electrons in bonding orbitals is 222 .

Total number of electrons in antibonding orbit is 111 .

The formula for calculating link order is together follow.

BO=12(nb−na)B_O\rm = \frac12\left( n_\rmb - n_\rma \right)BO​=21​(nb​−na​)

Substitute 222 for nbn_\rmbnb​ and 111 because that nan_\rmana​ in the equation (1) to calculate the bond order.

BO=12(2−1)=0.5\beginarrayc\\B_O = \frac12\left( 2 - 1 \right)\\\\ = 0.5\\\endarrayBO​=21​(2−1)=0.5​

Bond order because that H2−\rmH_2^ - H2​− is .

Ans: part 1

The molecular orbit diagram that H2−\rmH_2^ - H2​− is displayed as follows:


Part 2

The link order for H2−\rmH_2^ - H2​− is .

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