Conan Exiles have the right to be quite confusing once you’re starting out, yet one method the game teaches you just how to pat is to present you with a collection of Journey Steps to be completed. A perform of 3 Journey procedures will be shown on the optimal right of your screen and also as each one is ticked off it will be replaced by a new one. There room 100 steps in complete divided between 10 Chapters.

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The very first 20 measures of Chapters I and also II room pretty easy, and completing lock will aid you level increase quickly. Below are notes on just how to complete all the Journey steps in the an initial two chapters, through a couple of extra from chapter III thrown in because that luck. The instructions space for PS4, however should be conveniently translatable for XBox and PC.

At the beginning of the game (after the personality creation)you’ll be dumped in the southerly Desert at one of the Broken Highway places (there are 6 of these, every pretty similar). Stay in this area to finish the very first three steps, climate head north in the direction of the river (on the PS4 the right-hand directional switch will contact up the map). The river is where the fun really starts.


The journey Steps: thing I

1.1. Climb

Climb any type of surface - precise any huge rock, cliff-side, ruined structure or rock slab. Near your beginning point ~ above the damaged Highway you’ll check out a huge upright slab through writing top top it. Go as much as it and press ‘square’ to interact. The slab starts talking to friend (which completes action 1.8). Climate walk approximately the slab and press ‘X’ to rise it.


1.2. Drink

There’s a waterskin lying on a boulder a couple of steps far from your beginning point (don’t miss out on it, it’s useful) choose it up by pressing \"square\"and that should enter your wheel-menu (or radial menu, if you desire to get fancy about it). Push L1 to bring up this menu, then pick the waterskin come drink. If you miss the waterskin, carry out this step at the river. Was standing or swim in deep water and press \"square\" to communicate with it.

1.3. Eat

Run into any of the bushes girlfriend come across and usage ‘square’ come harvest plant fibre, seeds and insects. The insects should get in your wheel-menu. Connect with the bugs to eat them.

1.4. Usage a bed or bedroll

Use several of the tree fibre you accumulated in step 1.3 to do twine, then pick up branches from the soil (walk end them and press ‘square’), and also collect much more fibre (if needed)to do a bedroll. These products will end up in your Inventory. Push the main pad to access the Inventory and you\"ll check out a list of crafting recipes to the right of the screen. The bedroll will be one of them. Once made, the bedroll should end up in her wheel-menu. Location it on any type of area of flat ground to finish this step. It can be best to ar it what safe once you acquire nearer the river. If you dice you\"ll be offered the selection of re-spawning in ~ this bedroll or ago at the broken Highway.

1.5. Clothe yourself

Use more harvested fibre to develop a tunic, trousers, hand-wraps and also shoes (all found in the Inventory recipe list). As soon as they’re make they’ll automatically show up on your body.

1.6. Slay

Gather up branches and pieces of stone (five the each) to make a hatchet, then do the same to make a pick. These room harvesting tools, however each deserve to be provided as a weapon. The easiest things to death at this stage are baby Shalebacks (these look favor beefed-up tortoise the dimension of a dog), rabbits, and imps (squat,man-like creatures). You will do it encounter every one of these through the river. A light strike is R1,a heavy assault is R2. Once you’ve eliminated something, save hacking that corpse to harvest its body parts. Make sure you get some feral meat from one of these creatures. You’ll need it later for 2.3.


1.7. Craft a tool

You go this in step 1.6.

1.8. Uncover signs of intelligent life

You walk this in action 1.1.

1.9. Kick

Put away any weapon or device you could be carrying and press ‘L2’. It’s that easy.

1.10. Dodge

Press the ‘O’ button. Again, an extremely easy.

And that\"s the finish of thing I.


Chapter II Steps

2.1. Spend knowledge Points

Press the main pad to acquire to your Inventory, then use R2 to cycle come Attributes and also then Feats. The game gives you cooking recipes points every time girlfriend level up and here’s where you spend them. The accomplishments menu lists all the recipes you have the right to buy. Some will be locked till you obtain to the ideal level; others will have actually three dots ~ above their icon to present they’re available to buy. Essential an initial purchases are Primitive Cook, Warriorand Apprentice Mason.

2.2. Acquire a committed weapon

Buy the Warrior cooking recipes (see action 2.1) and make a Stone Sword the end of stones and also branches.

2.3. Eat a filling meal

You deserve to just around survive on insects and also berries, yet you’ll shortly be starving if you don’t eat properly. Feral meat (see step 1.6) renders a great meal, however will offer you food poisoning if you don’t chef it first. To execute this, buy the recipe for Primitive Cook (see step 2.1) and also make a camp fire - your an initial crafting station. When the fire is placed on the ground, harvest some lumber (whack a tree with an hatchet or pick) then ar the wood and also feral flesh into the fire. Push L2 to acquire it going, or protect against it again. Once the feral meat has changed to ‘shredded roast’, you can press \"square\" to connect with it and also eat it.


Cooking for one (you can likewise make a gruel by cooking fibre and also seeds with each other - much better than nothing)

2.4. Discover shelter

You have the right to either run right into a cave (which is most likely to be complete of imps) or make a shelter. Purchase the recipe for Apprentice Mason (see step 2.1) and also make you yourself a house. The smallest residence you can construct has a solitary Sandstone Foundation, three Sandstone Walls, a Sandstone Doorframe, a basic Wooden Door, and a Sandstone Ceiling. This action usually completes when the building is half-finished. Structure a tiny shack favor this will also complete step 2.9.

2.5. Do a \"Heavy Finisher\" through a weapon

With your stone Sword (from step 2.2) shot a mix of heavy strikes (pressing R2). The succession of blows will finish with a hefty Finisher.

2.6. Use a Torch

Create an Improvised Torch. Include it to your wheel-menu (if that\"s not already happened automatically) then pick it. To include things to your wheel-menu. Go to your Inventory and highlight the object you want move, then push L2 to carry up the wheel-menu. Choose the food selection slot you want to use and press X come confirm. If you select a food selection slot that already has something in it, the item will move to the Inventory.

2.7. Scout an Exile Camp

There are lots of camp-fires along the river with two or three NPCs gathered roughly them. Just gain close enough to trigger this step, then operation away if girlfriend don’t desire to fight.

2.8. Store goods

Buy the Boxmaker recipe (see step 2.1) and also make a box from wood and also twine. Then location the box on the ground, or in your house, and also put miscellaneous (anything) in it.

2.9. Produce a home

You did this in step 2.4.

2.10. Block an attack

This one needs a bit much more effort. Buy the Defenderrecipe, then make a wood shield. Find an NPC come aggro and, as soon as they attack, press L2 come raise your shield come block them. This have the right to take a couple of tries.

So it is the very first 20 Journey actions of Chapters I and also II done, many of the remaining measures require more work and the usage of more crafting stations. However, the following are part Chapter III steps you should additionally be maybe to finish early on.

Chapter III - Odds and also Ends

3.3. Scout a Darfari camp

The NPCs you’ll uncover near the river space not members that tribes. The tribal camps are usually much bigger and an ext dangerous. If you explore the west that the river, you will do it soon discover a location referred to as the Shattered Bridge. Follow this to the north bank of the river and you’ll involved an area referred to as Shaman’s Rise. Look for a small camp next to a cliff-face and you’ll uncover Nunu the Cannibal(who’s lot nicer 보다 he sounds). Nunu willl teach you the Yog faith (talking to him completes step 3.5). High over Nunu’s shrine is a Darfari Camp dubbed Howling Plateau.It’s a steep climb, but you’ll make it. You only require to get close sufficient to complete this scouting mission, then operation off if you desire to.

3.4. Achieve an stole bar

These are difficult to make till you find iron ore nodes (these are further to the north), however if you assault a big NPC camp (like the one you uncover in step 3.3) everyone you kill is most likely to fall something useful. Occasionally they autumn iron bars. This Tribal camps usually have actually a few boxes lying roughly the place and these are often full the goodies too.

3.5. Uncover somebody to talk to

You walk this in step 3.3.

3.6. Shoot an enemy

Buy the Archerrecipe and also make some straightforward Flinthead arrows. Climate shoot an adversary (you can\"t just shoot at castle though, you need to hit them).

3.8. Get a Head

If you\"re lucky, you could have already completed this one. To gain a head you have to chop up an pet with a hatchet. However, only big adult animals drop heads, and also many only rarely. Because that a guarantee head, uncover a Kudu antelope on the north next of the flow (these room the huge male antelopes v twisted horns). The Kudu will placed up a fight, however a head is virtually a certainty when you give it the chop. However, heads aren\"t much use come you at the moment, and they load a ton, therefore don\"t bother maintaining it.

3.9. Litter an Orb

These are complicated to make, however you can find one ~ above a dead enemy or in a camp loot box (see action 3.4). If you discover an orb, equip it like a weapon, then find an adversary to lob it in ~ (press R2).

3.10. Use a pick to conference bark native trees

Easy peasy. Just hack in ~ a tree through a pick. Bark is very useful because that tanning and drying food, therefore don’t throw it away.

Once you know what the easier steps are, burning through them bring away no time in ~ all, and also by act them and also discovering brand-new locations it\"s quite feasible to reach Level 20 in as numerous minutes.

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If you\"d prefer to watch some Conan Exiles gameplay I have actually a couple of playlists you could be interested in, however for absolute beginners try the one below (recorded on single Player mode).