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Real component of a complex number is plotted top top x-axis and imaginary component of the facility number on y-axis.

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Therefore, in any kind of ordered pair (x, y)

x → Real component of the complex number

y → Imaginary component of the facility number

Complex numbers are,

A : (-2) + (3)i

B : (-1) + (1)i

C : (3) + (-4)i

D : (4) + (1)i

A = -2 + 3i

B = -1 - i

C = 3 - 4i

D = 4 + i

Step-by-step explanation:

The rest of the inquiry is the fastened figure.

x-axis will represent the real component and y-axis will stand for the imagine part.

Let suggest P located at (x,y) so, The complex number ns is (x + y * i)

So, as shown at the graph:

The coordinates of suggest A is (-2,3) ⇒ So, A = -2 + 3i

The works with of allude B is (-1,-1) ⇒ So, B = -1 - i

The works with of suggest C is (3,-4) ⇒ So, C = 3 - 4i

The works with of allude D is (4,1) ⇒ So, D = 4 + i

The y-axis deserve to be taken into consideration the imagine axis.

The x-axis is the genuine axis.

So we deserve to conclude that:

A: (-2, 3i)

B: (-1, -i)

C: (3, -4i)

D: (4, i)

Answer.1) False2) False3) False

Explanation1) once a number is created as a+bi, a and also b are real number. B is never thought about as imagine number.The statement offered is false.

2) The worth of i is √(-1), as soon as squared us get;

(√(-1))² = -1.The answer offered is false.

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3) the is not possible to graph a complex number is XY coordinates. Complicated number space graphed ~ above an imaginary axis and real axis only. The statement given is false. 
The standard type of an imagine number is a ± bi wherein a is the genuine number and also b is the imaginary number. The answer hence is false. I related to an imagine number is same to square root of -1. Therefore when i is squared, the answer must be -1. Answer is false. Complicated numbers deserve to be graphed just in an aircraft with an imagine axis and a real axis/ prize in 3 is false

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