Cross the LineCh: 58+Kakao Page2019 - ?

Hayeon Eun, who at 16 years old, found herself in jail for arson resulting in a death, is finally released back into the world. But as soon as she’s out, she is snatched up by Taeman Ji, the director of a private organization, to whom her stepfather racked up quite a debt. She says she will pay it off in his stead, but because of the low value of the product, Taeman takes her home with him and they end up living together. This is a love story where two people who couldn’t take care of themselves take care of each other and find the light in the darkness.

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Heejoo Yun leads a double life: an ordinary office worker by day and an aspiring goddess of erotica by night. She suffers a weakness, one almost mortal in her case, of mysophobia and consequently, has had to endure her virginity. Not all is lost, however. Heejoo has a male online friend, Broadcast Jockey Eunkang in whose voice of a heartthrob, she finds a consolation happiness for the time being. It all happens one day when her new boss shows up, only with a voice of uncanny similarity to that of Eunkang.... A self-proclaimed voice connoisseur, Heejoo, eventually figures out that the two are one and the same person, and there she commences her experiment in which his grave psychological complex may save her from her phobia.

TagsDramaManhwaRomanceSmall-Minded SchoolgirlsVol: 3; Ch: 26

On the surface, Miru Na has it all: a blossoming career, a pretty face, and a ton of fans lining up to buy her books. But her personal life is devoid of that one special person. On the other hand, Somi Han has a boyfriend whom she"s head over heels for. Yet her job drives her crazy, since she"s stuck interviewing writers she can"t stand—insult to injury—as she has always dreamed of becoming a novelist herself. Will life ever imitate art for Miru? Will Somi ever find a way to realize her passions? Come follow their adventures up and down the career ladder, through the literary world, and in love!

TagsDramaManhwa4 RangCh: 52013

This series is regarding romantic interests among a group of close friends who have known each other from their high school days.

TagsDramaManhwaRomanceSeinenRegarding RCh: 103Daum Webtoon2008 - 2010

Regarding R is the stories of four women who are friends. All four women have problems of their own. One just wants to be loved. One wants to find what she is living for. One wants to have a good career. One wants to just move on. While they are "friends," they don"t always get along and you will get to see their dark sides.

TagsDramaManhwaRomanceWebtoonsDr. Jekyll is Mr. HydeCh: 60Daum Webtoon2011

To save her small publishing company from going bankrupt, Geuru needs to obtain a contract with the bestselling author, Jekall. When she goes to meet him, he wants nothing to do with her especially after she suddenly kisses him. However, Jekall isn"t the only man she kisses that night and soon Geuru finds herself drawn into a love triangle with both Jekall and a man named Hyden. But after discovering a shocking secret, she begins to question her own feelings and everything about the two men in front of her,

TagsDramaManhwaRomanceWebtoonsLonging HeartCh: 442015

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It was snowing that night: the night that Inami Ken"s life changed for the better, the night that a shy girl named Hotaru confessed her love. But although their budding relationship does nothing but flourish, chaos is thrown into the mix when Ken is acquainted by chance with Hotaru"s best friend Tobise. With temptation to bear and duties to fulfill, will Ken have the strength to stay faithful?

Kana and Yoshihiko are as in love as anyone can be… but they seem to start slowly drifting away from each other when Yoshihiko starts at a college away from town. Seeing so little of her soulmate, Kana becomes more and more perplexed. What"s worse, a new teacher by the name of Shogo is not only assigned to her class, but is taken in by Kana"s family. Living with him under the same roof, Kana"s troubles are now really starting to escalate…

Nineteen-year-old Kubota is a virgin by choice, though if it was up to his lady friends, he’d be a full grown man by now. At heart, Kubota is really looking for love – and one fateful night at a club, he finally finds what he’s looking for. Through the door walks Fujisaki, a girl he used to love in middle school; and better yet, she’s just broken up with her long time boyfriend. The two quickly hit it off and enter a budding relationship; will their love last, or end as quickly as it started?

As spring gradually turns to summer, Yuuchi enjoys long days lounging in the sun, catching up with close friends, and meeting Nayuki at the running circuit to train for an upcoming meet. Meanwhile, Ayu has been looking forward to meeting with Yuuichi for the first time in a while, but her new hair style is an embarrassing disaster! Finally, Mishio meets an old friend in the twilight hours of the day, but is Makoto here to stay?

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