April 11, 1939 - June 15, 2020 Mr. Clark S. Brvery own, Jr., likewise known as "Squire" to many kind of of his friends, was born on April 11, 1939 to the late Clark S. Brown, Sr. and Macie Elizabeth Brvery own. As a son, his household lived initially in the 14th Street area prior to moving to Historic Reynoldstvery own. He had actually fond memories of walking to college, playing with friends and also having actually mock funeral processions with his brvarious other, John Thomas through their wagons and also bicycles. Graduating from Atkins High School in 1956, he had actually aspirations of joining the US Air Force. His mommy, a proponent of education and learning, refused to authorize for her 17-year old to sign up with and also encouraged him to go to college. He enrolled in Lincoln College in Pennsylvania along with his finest friend, Curtiss Todd. Clark Jr. later on went back to North Carolina and attfinishing NC Agrisociety & Technical College prior to graduating from the Atlanta College of Mortuary Science in 1961. Following graduation, Clark Jr. joined his father as a licensed embalmer and funeral director of the family members firm. He often spoke of the many times that he struggled via instances in the beginning. He obtained advice from more seasoned colleagues, primarily Madison Epperson, whom he organized in high regard. Not ever enjoying being the front perkid, Clark preferred to hone his craft and end up being a "decent" embalmer. He preferred the behind-the-scenes quiet of the embalming room and invested virtually 59 years perfecting his craft which has brought good comfort and also closure to thousands of family members. Clark believed in hard job-related. In addition, to functioning in the family organization, he traded embalming for various other firms and invested over two decades in packaging at Stroh Brewery, previously Schlitz Brewery. He reexhausted from Stroh Brewery in 1996. In 2001, Clark S. Brvery own, Sr. passed away and Clark, Jr. ended up being the CEO of Clark S. Brvery own & Sons, Inc. His main objective wregarding proceed to provide service to the households offered for virtually 73 years in service, not to forobtain the dream of his father and also secure the business for a third generation and past. Clark instilled the exact same worths passed alengthy by his father: business, hard work-related, dedication and also dealing with civilization "fair and hocolony." He was very proud when his oldest grandson ended up being a fourth-generation licensed funeral director. On Monday, June 15, 2020, Clark passed amethod unexpectedly at his residence. He lived life on his terms and also he appeared to leave life on his terms. Preceding him in fatality were his paleas and also his brvarious other, John Thomas Brown, Sr. He leaves to bring on his legacy, his daughter, Carla Brown Rumph and also her husband also, Nathaniel "Chip" Rumph, II; his kid, Maurice Clark Brown; 4 grandchildren: Camille-Macie Brvery own Rumph, Nathaniel L. Rumph, III, Noah Samuel Brown Rumph and also Camryn N. Brown; nieces: Joya E. Brown and Raquel Russell; nephew, John T. Brown, Jr., his lifelengthy friend, Curtiss P. Todd, one-of-a-kind frifinish, Myra Benjamin; his beloved Gerguy shepherd, Gaven Brown; the Brown Funeral Home staff; various other family members and also many type of friends. Public viewing will certainly continue now, from 12:00 ~ 5:00 PM at Clark S. Brvery own & Sons Funeral Home. At Mr. Brown"s request, tright here will certainly be no funeral. Private funeral will certainly be in the household plot at New Evergreen Cemetery. Clark S. Brvery own & Sons Funeral Home 727 N Patterboy Avenue Winston-Salem, NC

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