Before Melissa Joan Hart became everyone"s favorite teenage witch, she was empowering young girls to be remarkable in Nickelodeon"s Clarissa Explains It All. The show"s wardrobe selections were quintessential "90s, from her printed headbands to her baggy jeans. You could not realize it, but tright here are plenty of style tips you need to steal from Clarissa ASAP. Get excited for quirky colors, combined up patterns, and also all the hair ties.

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Admittedly, I was born in 1992, so I type of missed out on all the fun fashion teenagers were rockin" via that decade. While there"s no means I can fit right into the clothes I wore in the "90s (i.e. diapers and also Disney toddler turtlenecks), those of you who were pre-teens and also adolescents through this decade are lucky considering that there"s a possibility all your favorite old fashion pieces are tucked amethod somewbelow in your parents" attic or garage. If you think you could still have some vivid flannels, crop tops, and choker necklaces lurking, go dig out the boxes, shake off the cobwebs, and provide your old patterns new life!

Whether you"ve discovered all your "90s fads or are a brand-new "90s-fashion-loving gal, there are tons of excellent and also brand-new ways to style them to look favor Hart"s infamous TV character. Get influenced by all Clarissa"s fun and also quirky looks below.

1. Oversized Denim Shirts


In the "90s, the baggier the better! I would entirely rock this via a pair of skinny jeans obtaining brunch this weekfinish somewright here in the village.

2. Off-The-Shoulder Crop Tops With High-Waisted Pants


Both off-the-shoulder crops and also high-waisted pants are earlier, so why not wear them both at once?!

3. Serious Earring Bling


Long dangling earrings with a significant dose of whimsy are trendy again, so pull out your favorite old pair from Claire"s!

4. Printed Leggings

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The "louder" the leggings and the much less they match whatever before else you"re wearing, the better!