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It shows up Ben Affleck"s ex-nanny, Christine Ouzounian, is acquisition all the existing media fist on she in stride.

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The 28-year-old previous employee of 42-year-old Affleck and 43-year-old Jennifer Garner -- who was reportedly involved in a romantic relationship with Affleck -- broke her society media silence on Sunday, in an Instagram derived exclusively by ET featuring a flattering paparazzi shoot of herself.

""She"s just a girl and also she"s ~ above fire" -- Alicia Keys," she captioned the snap.

Late critical month, a source told ET solely that Ouzounian actually "tipped turn off the paparazzi" around a July 17th rendezvous v Affleck, so the photos would be take away of her and also the Oscar-winning actor together. Both Affleck and also Ouzounian smile large in a picture taken at a rental house during the late-night meet-up.

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Affleck"s rep has actually previously slammed reports the the Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice star is romantically connected with Ouzounian, calling castle "complete garbage" and also "full the lies." but Christine is reportedly claiming to friends that her partnership with the A-list star walk indeed become intimate, follow to People. ET have the right to confirm she was checked out at the Hotel Bel Air critical month, wherein Christine supposedly told a girlfriend she would have actually trysts through Affleck.

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Ouzounian"s Instagram post comes after Affleck and Garner to be spotted with each other in Atlanta top top Friday, whereby she"s been filming Miracles native Heaven. A resource tells ET the "the mood to be cordial but distant," when the former pair and your three kids -- Violet, 9, Seraphina, 6, and also Samuel, 3 -- invested time together at a local mall the complying with day. The 2 parents barely spoke, nor did castle touch or host hands, but they did both wear your wedding rings.

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