Christina Ochoa is one Actress, writer, and scientist known for her varied acting resume. Gorgeous Spanish actress is best known for her functions on TNT"s pet Kingdom and as the lead because that SyFy"s upcoming Blood Drive, to air in Summer 2017. We are going come talk around her love life. To recognize all about her dating background and current relationship status remain with us.

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Christina Ochoa featured "Naked and also Afraid” through Derek Theler

Christina Ochoa started acting in smaller productions in Washington, D.C, in ~ the tiny Theatre of Alexandria. Her writing has actually been released in countless publications, consisting of Vogue Spain. As well as that, she portrayed Karen Morales top top the Robert Rodriguez show Matador. Christina is famed as Founder and also owner that QE (Quantum Entanglement) Productions in a career that spans 2008 come present.


Derek Theler and Christina OchoaSource:Wall Paper

In 2014, throughout the occasion of the hope Ballheld at The Beverly Hilton Hotel, Derek and also Christina fight the road. Derek too has shared his romance with Christina Ochoa on the society networking site. In 2015, Christina Ochoa and Derek Theler exposed all for your own personal episode that Discovery’s “Naked and Afraid”, in which man and woman have to survive in exotic locales there is no clothes.

Christina Ochoa went completely naked while making their very own version the Discoveries. Both were left in the California Desert to invest 21 hours without food, water, and also clothing. Derek and his co-star Christina Ochoa were just enabled to carry one item because that the survive adventure. The pair shared all those photographs of their adventures journey in the social Networking Sites.

Is actress Christina Ochoa, the girlfriend of infant Daddy"s gibbs Derek?

Derek Tyler is a 30-year-old American Actor famed for baby Daddy in a career the spans 2007 come present. In 2010, He was romantically attached with an American actress, Meredith Giangrande, who is well-known for her work-related in "Accepted."

Their relationship can not critical longbut they spent life together over 3 years. Then, he has actually the 2nd affair come Chelsea Kane, the American actress, and singer. He had affair v Chelsea Kane for about a year and also got be separate later.

Derek Theler has reportedly been date Christina Ochoa because 12th July 2014. They first met in the TV collection and later on started dating. However, the proposed Christina in late 2013, and also she accepts the work after he proposed.

They have actually been together for around one year and a fifty percent months. Christina is a Spanish actress that is also known together scientist and also author as well. "Baby Daddy" star Derek Theler and girlfriend Christina Ochoa with each other featured the movie entitled, "Naked and Afraid".

Christina and also Derek invested a happy and also romantic life for two years. However, lock couldn"t withstand the misunderstanding that occurred withing themselves and got be separated in 2016. At present, both space busy in their professions.

Derek is not married yet but hasdated Christina Ochoa. Derek relates Christina as his unofficial mam as well. Lock have even admitted gift in arelationship with each other. However, recently,Derek Theler began datingLisa Marie Summerscales from may 2016 to date. After ~ the couple"s break-up in january 2016, Derek started dating through Lisa Marie Summerscales, the Spanish actress.

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The actress Christina likewise involved in a many other romantic relationship. She later moved on through Ben Robson. The couple together showed up inLos vegas in august 2017.