Coparenting pride! Christina Milian and her ex-husband, The-Dream, room in a great place increasing their 10-year-old daughter, Violet.

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“We’ve managed,” the actress, 38, told us Weekly solely on Friday, may 22, while promoting her your Babiie baby gear line. “We’ve done so well. It’s been 10 years. I’m yes, really proud of just how we’ve always put Violet an initial and our friendship goes together with that together well, however we obtain along great.”

The “Dip the Low” singer went on to tell Us, “Violet has actually siblings in Atlanta, and also we just check on each other and also make sure everybody is doing every little thing we can. Once it’s time, we acquire the youngsters together. … We shift off summers and holidays and also things choose that.”


Milian and also the rapper (real surname Terius Youngdell Nash), 42, invited Violet in 2010, one year prior to their divorce. The Falling Inn Love star went on to date M. Pokora, and also she provided birth to their first child with each other in January.

“She’s choose a little mini mom,” the brand-new Jersey indigenous told Us specifically of Violet’s huge sister skills. “She’s therefore cute. She super helpful. She’ll help feed the baby and put in the bottle, or if I have to go take a shower, she’ll watch the infant for me if Matt’s busy. She’s fantastic.”

As because that the French singer, 34, Milian gushed about the brand-new dad. Not just does Pokora “love to adjust poopy diapers,” but he has had “awesome” moments v the 4-month-old.

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The Grandfathered alum defined to Us, “When he’s getting his shots and things that I get upset or desire to cry due to the fact that I’m like, ‘Oh, ns don’t want him to acquire a shot!’ and also he stands right alongside him and also holds his hand. Those type of things space the cute moments. … he loves gift in his role as a father.”


Milian loves dressing their baby boy and opened as much as Us about the catalyst behind she AM:PM heat for your Babiie. “Parenting is 24/7 job,” she said Us. “There’s no time that you’re off the 2nd that you have a kid.”

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