26 Things about Christina Aguilera even Super Fans have actually Forgotten to still be making headlines almost 20 years later is maybe a testament to Aguilera’s talent.

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Christina Aguilera has remained in the windy eye for a lengthy time, first getting her huge break many thanks to Disney’s man film, Mulan, and later coming onto everyone radar v her hit single, “Genie in a Bottle.” native this moment, when she was just aged 19, there has been no protecting against her. She’s a celebrity who has managed to resist the test of time, and after working in an sector as fickle as the to chat industry, and to still be making headlines almost 20 years later is probably a testimony to Aguilera’s talent. Over there is no disputing she’s a supremely talented singer, but there is so much more to her than her vocals and also her capacity to entertain.

Aguilera’s personal life is very interesting; From farming up in multiple various states, and also even different countries, to rubbing shoulders through Ryan Gosling and also Britney Spears in her teens. And also then doing something truly amazing at her wedding to Jordan Bratman; Aguilera is a woman that is both a pressure to it is in reckoned with and a duty model. Below are 26 things around Christina Aguilera that also her supervisor fans have probably forgotten, from fascinating comments made in old interviews, to things that she’s done.

26 she Close Friends v Nicole Richie

Christina Aguilera has met a the majority of famous human being in she lifetime, but one the she seems to have actually really connected with is Nicole Richie (the exact same woman that was once finest friends v Paris Hilton and also even starred top top a reality TV show with her called The straightforward Life).

Actually, Richie and also Aguilera are so nearby that as soon as she to be going with her divorce native Jordan Bratman in 2010, she leaned on her friend for support.

Commenting ~ above the painful process with Redbook Magazine, Aguilera said, “Thankfully, I have actually my mom and a small group of close friends who room there because that me 24/7 and also whom I deserve to trust and also depend on. Top top days once it feels impossible to even get the end of bed, much less function as a mother, their support and encouragement have actually kept me moving forward."

Redbook Magazine also noted that Richie was among this close team of friends and she as well made comments to the publication, praising Aguilera for she strength. Richie said, "It"s an extremely clear v Christina"s music what a strong woman she is. But to watch her together a mom only skyrockets the respect I have actually for her. She is the woman who"s recording until 4 a.m. And up in ~ 7 to be through her son. Her dedication come Max is incredible."

25 Her an overwhelming Childhood do Her an ext Passionate around Her Music

When friend think of Christina Aguilera the pop star, you may think she has it all; an ext money than most world could ever before hope to make in a lifetime, a close team of friends, and a effective career (which comes through the love and adoration of millions). Yet her life was not constantly this perfect, and she suffered a lot of to gain where she is today.

Aguilera had actually a hard childhood, however it actually motivated her to follow her dreams of ending up being a singer. She revealed top top E! (via Daily Mail), “I turned to singing together an outlet. The pains at home is wherein my love because that music came from.”

She told Rolling Stone in an early interview in 2000, "Music was my relax to acquire away from that all. I would certainly seriously run as much as my bedroom and put on the Sound the Music tape. was totally free and alive, and she was playful and also rebellious against the nuns. I understand it sounds yes, really cheesy, but that to be my escape. Ns would open up my bedroom window, and I would simply imagine the audience. Ns would just sing out.” however she also touched top top the subject in an interview with ABC News, and when asked around what she aspired come be when she to be a child, she responded by saying, “As a kid I knew I wanted to do music, come perform, and to move civilization with music. It was an escape because that me cultivation up and also I wanted to carry out that escape because that others.”

24 She Was at first Not A fan Of Lady Gaga

Christina Aguilera and Lady Gaga both have actually a serious set of pipes on them, and also it provides sense the they would certainly decide to do a duet together, seeing as they are both supremely talented. They walk this when they collaborated ~ above the track "Do What U Want," (Aguilera replaced R. Kelly in the live performance) which castle performed on a finale of The Voice US, in ~ the finish of 2014.

Speaking of she decision to execute the duet with Aguilera, Gaga called Us Magazine (via Rolling Stone), "I was really excited due to the fact that The Voice called and also said they wanted me to perform on the finale, and I obviously can"t refuse together an amazing show. And also I said I want to recognize if Christina wants to execute it through me."

It seems that these two now have actually a many respect for each other, but that wasn’t always the case due to the fact that there was a allude when Aguilera threw shade at Gaga.

Vulture notes that after being compared to Gaga, Aguilera snapped and stated, “This human was just brought to mine attention not too lengthy ago. I"m not quite sure who this human is, to it is in honest. I don"t understand if it is a male or a woman."

23 She"s lived In plenty of Different Places, including Japan

Christina Aguilera’s father, Fausto Aguilera, remained in the Army and also became a sergeant, and because that his position, castle were regularly stationed in different cities and even various countries, among these nations was Japan — she relocated a lot before her parents finished their relationship when she was aged seven, Rolling Stone reports.

Aguilera pointed out her time in Japan in one interview with Rolling Stone, informing a story the what her mom did when there, but likewise addressing her need to always be in the spotlight. She said, "When my household lived in Japan, my mom taught English to this one guy who brought over his paintings. He spread them on the floor and, just to steal the fist away, I began playing hopscotch almost everywhere them. I"m similar to that."

Japan was also a country that opened a most doors because that Aguilera because while there she reportedly tape-recorded the hit single "All ns Wanna Do" with Japanese pop symbol Keizo Nakanishi, Biography reports. And also even in her adulthood, it’s tho a place that pipeline her emotion inspired, together she revealed in an interview with Pacific in salt Press (via OhNoTheyDidn"t!). She said, "I"m walk on vacation next week through my son, very first time in Japan, which is such an inspirational ar for me get re-inspired, rejuvenated because that what"s to come... Ns can"t to speak everything!"

22 once Her song Came On at Prom, people Weren"t love It

Imagine the feeling of attending prom and the DJ plays her song, that have to be pretty significant right? Well, in Christina Aguilera’s instance that couldn’t be additional from the truth because when her hit track “Genie in a Bottle” was released in 1999, it had actually a lot of haters, or rather, she did.

When Aguilera was aged 18, she attended her boyfriend’s suburban Pittsburgh high school prom, and also when she come the other girls were no happy to check out her.

According to People, they simply glared at the singer, and also when her song came on, castle left the dance floor.

She said, “It was kind of sad. All I desire to do is be normal. However really, the other people who won’t let me be the way.”

This incident likewise brought up part painful old memories indigenous her own high school days, and also she reportedly had to leave Marshall middle School since her classmates’ jealousy made institution unbearable because that her. Speak of this time, she reflect on it, informing People, “If i were come go back now, I’d obtain a little much more love. I don’t know just how sincere the love would certainly be, though.” climate again, why would certainly she also need the admiration of her previous peers as soon as she has the admiration the so plenty of strangers?!

21 She Donated she Wedding gifts To Hurricane Victims

Christina Aguilera married music producer Jordan Bratman in 2005, and for a time they seemed to be exceptionally happy. For your wedding, it was a no-expense-spared occasion with a winter wonderland theme, i beg your pardon was hosted at a Napa sink estate. The couple married surrounding by white roses and also crystals, as well as a variety of famous guests, including Sharon Stone, follow to E! News. Plus, the singer’s dress alone (which to be designed through Christian Lacroix) reportedly cost $80,000.

The various other thing about their wedding that is worth pointing out is what lock did v their gifts, and also instead of producing a guest list, lock asked their guests come donate come hurricane relief charities to aid those impacted from Hurricane Katrina and also Hurricane Rita (which both taken place the same year of your wedding). According to UPI, the request was consisted of in their wedding invitations, with a card that read, "While us celebrate the richness of life and also all the scenarios that have blessed united state in career and love, we space mindful that those who room suffering considerably as a an outcome of hurricanes Katrina and also Rita. The ideal gift you could give united state is a donation to any type of of the establishments helping the stricken citizens of brand-new Orleans."

20 Red Lipstick Is Not simply Makeup, It"s necessary To her Performance

When you watch photos of Christina Aguilera, girlfriend will an alert she has actually a signature look with platinum blonde hair, and much more often than not, a bold the shade of red lipstick. Yet for the singer her shade of lip shade is a lot an ext than simply a assembly product, it’s also a method for she to gain into character. She revealed as much in an interview through The brand-new York Times, telling the publication,

"For me, the visual is just as essential as the music. Ns would never record without my red lipstick."

"It to be my means of acquiring into character, sort of like an approach singing."

She likewise commented on she love that red lipstick in one interview with Daily Mail’s MailOnline, saying, “Red lips are my must-have. Red makes you feel instantly sexy and also radiant. It’s a to trust boost.” She stated that she loves LipSense called Blu Red, but also always supplies a lip moisturizer before using it. She continued, “Some women think that red lips don’t suit them however it’s just a matter of recognize the ideal shade that is ideal for you. Castle come in warm and also cool tones and also so numerous different shades – the options are endless!”

19 She Rubbed Shoulders through Ryan Gosling once They were Kids

Ryan Gosling is among Hollywood’s greatest heartthrobs, but he and also Christina Aguilera have actually recognized each other because they to be kids. The Sun reports that were both age 13 once they joined The brand-new Mickey computer mouse Club in 1993, a place where Rolling Stone notes to be a safe haven because that Aguilera. It to be also great fun, together she called the publication, "It was really an excellent energy. The was an excellent to be approximately other children who were together passionate about their careers as I was.”

But in addition to Gosling (who came across from Canada to it is in in the show), she also rubbed shoulders with Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, J.C. Chasez, and also actress Keri Russell, that Aguilera said Rolling Stone, she and also Britney, “really looked increase to.” She added, “She had actually the big hair and the tight-fitting garments that were always cute. She was sixteen and could drive and had the cute sports car. It was cute like that."

The Independent reports the Gosling has additionally previously commented on his time ~ above the show, speak "I had my hustle. The was whatever I could do to not end up working in a factory. If I had to shake it prefer a showgirl, i was walking to perform it."

18 among Her first Big Gigs was On Disney’s "Mulan" Soundtrack

Christina Aguilera come onto everyone’s radar in the late nineties and early 2000s, and this was mostly thanks to she hit song, “Genie in a Bottle,” which was released in 1999, complied with up by she self-titled an initial album. Yet according come Grammy, even prior to this track was released, Aguilera was obtaining attention in the music civilization thanks to her occupational on the soundtrack the the animated Disney movie, Mulan. She was liked to sing the theme track “Reflections,” and also according to Rolling Stone, she landed this gig thanks to she manager Steve Kurtz, who sent Disney a memo of her singing a sheathe of Whitney Houston"s "I Wanna operation to You."

You may think that this fame enhanced Aguilera’s standing amongst her peers, yet it walk not.

According come Rolling Stone, as soon as the music video clip for the tune came top top MTV the didn’t aid Aguilera’s popularity and also she shared just how the jealousy influenced her in an interview through the publication earlier in 1999. She said, "Kids didn"t know exactly how to deal with seeing their peer ~ above TV. You find out the hard method who her friends are, Plus, mine circle the friends to be the cheerleader clique, so over there was already a the majority of back-stabbing. That made me introverted."

17 before Her Parent"s Split, She to be A armed forces Brat

Earlier on this list, we discussed that Christina Aguilera lived in countless different places when she was a cultivation up since of she father’s job in the united States military required them to move. Among the locations where she army-sergeant father to be stationed in were Japan, but also Texas, and brand-new Jersey. Her parents divorced as soon as she was just seven (she said Rolling Stone she dad no treat her mommy well), and also her mother, Shelley, relocated her daughters, Christina, and also her younger sister Rachel, to she mother’s home in the quiet borough the Rochester, Pennsylvania.

But out of every the moves, this to be the one that may have actually been the most significant for Aguilera, at least in the kind of she career, because it enabled her come realize she dreams. The was she grandmother, Delcie Fidler, who noticed she talent from early on and Aguilera called Rolling Stone in 2006. "My grandma was the an initial to realize the singing to be something ns did every the time, something i loved. Because that me, mine voice and also music was always an outlet. Cultivation up in an unstable environment and whatnot, music to be my just real escape." her grandmother was likewise the woman that took her to document shops to look for blue and souls artists.

16 Blues Singer Etta James affected Her Music

From a young age, Christina Aguilera love jazz blues music, informing Rolling Stone she would sing covers indigenous artists favor Billie Holiday, Otis Redding, Ella Fitzgerald and Pearl Bailey. In 2006, Aguilera released a jazz-inspired album dubbed Back come Basics, i m sorry was influenced by her favourite singers however had a more modern-day take. She said Billboard, “My vision because that this document was come go back to old blues, jazz, and soul music, the music that i love and am motivated by wholeheartedly, integrate v the visuals of several of the best era, i think, with the throwback to old Hollywood glam…”

But her favorite artist of every time might be Etta James, together she called Marie Claire,

"As a little girl, ns loved listening to the blues. Mine mom and grandmother to buy me my an initial Etta James album and also I loved singing her music."

When James passed far in 2012, The Mirror reports the Aguilera was amongst the countless guests that paid tribute to her at she service, i m sorry was carried out at Los Angeles"s City the Refuge church. Aguilera additionally performed James’ monitor “At Last,” and also before she belted out the tune she told the crowd, "Out of every the singers that I"ve ever before heard, she to be the one that reduced right to my soul and spoke to me."

15 Christina Likes To save A light On since She"s fear Of The Dark

Celebrities might be put on a cut down by their fans and also this frequently makes civilization think the they are superhumans, afraid of nothing. Yet the truth is, celebs are similar to the remainder of us and they all have actually their fears, and also Christina Aguilera’s is just one of the an ext common fears.

Aguilera may be ready to song onstage in former of thousands of world without flinching, yet that doesn’t median she is fearless all the time. Something the she’s afraid of is dark, which way that you most likely won’t find her in a dark room, sleeping alone, any time soon. According to PopCrush, she said, "In the large picture I"m pretty fearless, yet I am fear of the dark. I sleep through the light on. Or the TV. It"s comforting. Ns wasn"t fear of the dark together a child. However as I obtained older and also started spending time in hotel rooms, it was a comfort to keep the TV on so that you felt the you were not so alone."

A lot of of human being can most likely relate to she comments, specifically when they space going come bed in a strange place rather of their bed, and also the comfort of their very own home.

14 She cases She Got In Trouble with The Cops since She"s A Celeb

Christina Aguilera is a celebrity that has had actually ups and also downs and also in 2011, she absolutely had her fair share of downs. She to be arrested because that public intoxication, if her friend Matthew Rutler to be taken in for driving under the influence, Daily Mail reports. This happened after a night out in Los Angeles and also although the singer to be released top top bail, according to TMZ, police said, she to be “extremely intoxicated” and also “unable come take care of herself.”

The arrest to be publicly humiliating because that Aguilera, and also unfortunately for her, it to be the many recent of her public blunders.

Earlier in 2011, she was required to apologize for mixing up the text to the nationwide Anthem during the at sight Bowl.

Speaking of her arrest, she later claimed that she felt it to be done due to the fact that she’s a celebrity. She said W newspaper (via CBS News), "The police knew my recent history and want to jump on the bandwagon. Ns don"t average to martyr myself, however I think i was a victim the celebrity. Ns don"t drive, ns wasn"t driving, and also I committed no crimes, but they placed me in jail. They called me a "political warm potato." lock said, "What are we walk to perform with this woman?" ns think castle were boring that night."

13 prefer Britney Spears, She additionally Dated Her back-up Dancer

Britney Spears dated and also married her backup dancer Kevin Federline, and also it transforms out gift in The brand-new Mickey computer mouse Club is not the just similarity the Christina Aguilera shares v the popular music singer, since she has additionally dated a backup dancer.

According to MTV News, Aguilera and also dancer Jorge Santos started dating in 2000. The pair operated together on her tours, and also Santos additionally appeared in her music videos, however their partnership was not intended to be and also they finished up splitting in September that 2001. Yet it was just their romantic partnership that ended since they continued to job-related together transparent the following year. Her 2002 song, “Infatuation” was actually influenced by Santos, and PopSugar notes that Santos said Belfast Telegraph that the two just wanted different things. That said, "She lugged up marriage. Because that me, i was 18 and definitely was not ready."

But in 2018, Aguilera revealed something else about her ex-lover, he is allegedly gay. According to iHeartRadio, ~ above the Untucked aftershow she spoke to the Season 10 contestants from RuPaul"s drag Race, and also when she was asked about the topic of her track she admitted, "It was heartbreaking because I discovered out he played for her team, not mine.”

12 She to be The challenge Of MAC Cosmetics

When it pertains to makeup, Christina Aguilera has actually a signature look, that doesn’t frequently change. Through this in mind, it provides sense the she would certainly join forces with among the best makeup brand in the world, however she did this no just because they share a love that makeup, but since she wanted to do a difference in the resides of others.

In 2004, Aguilera came to be one of MAC Cosmetics Viva Glam’s spokespeople (other celebs have included Boy George, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Ariana Grande and also Nicki Minaj).

This position is about a lot much more than good makeup, and Aguilera voiced her assistance for MAC AIDS money for your 10th anniversary, which follow to Billboard, raised more than $500 million v the sale of your Viva Glam Lipstick, and donated the money to help to help fight HIV and also Aids. She additionally wanted to use her celebrity status to spread out awareness, and also DrDonnica reports she said, "I think this whole topic that AIDS is other that have the right to be taken an extremely lightly in the human being today, especially in the younger generation. Castle think the can"t take place to lock or the it just happens to a certain stereotype or gender yet it"s influence everyone"s lives."

11 She"s Passionate around Helping Others, consisting of Spread Awareness because that A good Cause

Earlier the was pointed out that Christina Aguilera lent her face and her voice to aid promote MAC AIDS Fund, but she has actually done a lot more to aid spread awareness and fight AIDS. In 2015, Aguilera was among the celebrities (including Cindy Crawford, LL Cool J, and Charlize Theron) who were photographed through fashion photographer Peter Lindbergh for Aldo and also YouthAids’ Hear No Evil? view No Evil? Speak No Evil? international campaign, CampaignLive reports. The pictures were all shot in black and also white and featured celebrities with duct ice cream over their mouth or eyes, or through their hands spanning their ears, the last being exactly how Aguilera to be shot.

The ads to be marketed to human being aged 15 come 24, i beg your pardon the charity reportedly believed were many at risk.

Aguilera is passionate about helping others, and she has operated with the civilization Food Programme (WFP) and other hunger-relief agencies and has visited impoverished countries to hear their stories. She has also headlined the Hope for Haiti now Telethon, and also according come Redbook Magazine to be appointed by the United nations as one Ambassador against Hunger.

She might be one of the greatest pop stars in the world, yet Aguilera is not captured up in her own celebrity and appears to genuinely care around others.

10 She made A interlocutor Move gaining Rid Of her Clean Image

Christina Aguilera could have bring away the same path as Britney Spears, and branded herself v a squeaky-clean image, however that would have been less authentic on she part. Still, she decision to produce a much more grown-up picture was a risk, and it to be one that no everyone loved, i m sorry is miscellaneous she realizes.

Aguilera formerly spoke to The brand-new York Times, saying, “I knew it was a bold move, and also I knew a many of human being would not be ready for it. The an excellent thing is that everyone, even if it is you loved it or hated it, had actually an opinion around that song, and also everybody talked about it.”

Not anyone loved her appearance and also she was sometimes compelled to protect her decision.

She told MTV News (via Bustle), “I just gain really bored with sticking to the norm and also having the ideal conservative image."

"Even with details outfits that ns wear, or speaking openly around my past. I"m not going to sit there and also lie. Whether you like me or hate me, that"s me.” that pretty outstanding that she was willing to take the backlash to be true to herself, and also that’s among the reasons Aguilera is so love by she fans.

9 she’s Made one Impression top top Kylie Jenner, that Channeled she For Halloween

It may seem like the many unlikely friendship, but this picture of Kylie Jenner and Christina Aguilera states it all! and how the all started is especially interesting; in 2016, jenner dressed as the singer for her Halloween costume, wearing the exact same outfit that Aguilera had worn in her “Dirrty” music video, i m sorry dates ago to 2002. She mutual a video of she costume on her Instagram account in addition to the caption, "Can i be XTINA forever.”

And it seems Aguilera liked the tribute due to the fact that she reaction by reposting the fact star’s costume, in addition to a comment praising just how accurate that was. According to Harper"s Bazaar, she wrote, "YAASSSSS".....Killin that
kyliejenner yes to dirrty 2016!! gain it girrrl!!!” and also this moment may have actually been the moment that sparked their friendship due to the fact that Jenner wore one Aguilera-inspired costume again in December the 2016, this time as soon as she attended Aguilera’s birthday party.

Why walk she dress up again? according to E! News, jenner revealed this top top Snapchat, writing, "When XTINA desires u to dress together XTINA for her bday you execute it !!!" her comments definitely make the seem choose Aguilera is impressed with Jenner’s capacity to dress up, yet the hug in this photo argues that she additionally really likes Jenner.

8 she’s Comfortable In Her own Skin

Christina Aguilera is just one of the many beautiful ladies in the world, and she is exceptionally comfortable in her own skin, something i beg your pardon she speaks about because she desires other people to feeling the very same way. After all, she’s the singer of “Beautiful,” among the most incredible body confidence anthems. The said, that didn’t happen overnight, as Aguilera revealed in one interview v Elle that “it’s a process” becoming comfortable v who girlfriend are.

She continued, "A lot of human being are fear to confront themselves, especially when something go wrong."

"But that"s important due to the fact that if other happens in ~ a relationship, it might be just how you"re permitting someone else to law you. For this reason it"s vital to look at at you yourself honestly, starting from the soil up, and also ask, "Why walk this happen?" "How perform I take responsibility?" and also " walk from here?" If a self-esteem issue, it"s important to embrace the points you can define as so-called imperfections—because something that you might call an imperfection, who else can find so amazing and so beautiful. It"s every in exactly how you take on yourself, her faults, and your failure in life. There"s no far better way to learn and become a better person 보다 to go with those moments.”

7 She Loves as soon as Women Support various other Women

Christina Aguilera is an support for body confidence and also she wants women to understand they room beautiful, however she additionally does her part in supporting various other women and also is quick to praise strong females. She joined forces with various other talented women for the 2001 song, "Lady Marmalade," which was videotaped for the Moulin Rouge! soundtrack and featured Pink, Mya, and Lil’ Kim.

Aguilera commented on this song in one interview v Time, saying that if a more current variation of the track was made, she would prefer to check out Miley Cyrus and also Nicki Minaj in it, and also those were the 2 women that really came to mind for her. However she additionally complimented Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj because that their occupational on the song “Bang Bang.” and commented on the prominence of females singing together, admitting, “It’s always good to check out girls come together — particularly in the confront of the media sometimes, trying to pit us versus each other. That never-ending, no matter exactly how young or old friend are. Anytime I can encourage girls to gain together and also actually support each other and encourage risk-taking, I’m all for it. I love it. For this reason yeah, I’m waiting for the next new group that people.”

6 Aguilera"s Stepdad had actually It out For Eminem After he Dissed Her

Christina Aguilera’s parental divorced as soon as she to be a child, yet her mother Shelly Loraine did uncover love again and married a male named Jim Kearns in 1991. And also it appears that Kearns is very protective when it concerns his stepdaughter due to the fact that he was very unimpressed once rapper Eminem chose to diss her — Eminem has a habit of putting famous women top top blast in his raps, Billboard notes this women encompass Mariah Carey, Lana Del Rey, and also Miley Cyrus, among others.

He go this in his track, “The genuine Slim Shady,” and also let’s just say that was much less than totally free with the points he said.

This is other Rolling stone addressed in one interview in 2000, as soon as they asked Aguilera if her mother was uncomfortable by the diss.

She responded by saying, “My stepdad was so cute. He was all all set to acquire on a plane and absent Eminem"s . Ns was like, "That"s OK, Dad, it"s every right." It"s great to have actually support like that during those times. Girlfriend know, it"s hard to it is in in the spotlight. You may be having actually a unstable day already, and also you come home and turn ~ above the TV, and also then you see Eminem v that upset look, sitting between Carson Daly and also Fred Durst.”

5 She has actually A Habit Of totally Zoning Out

Christina Aguilera is a mrs who lives an exceptionally busy life, and also she previously told Rolling Stone that her “mind is always thinking.” but she additionally has a habit the zoning out once she gets recorded up in her thoughts, and also she revealed, "I"ll think around really crazy things, choose being on optimal of the pole up there. Or I"ll acquire a many of different weird visions. The is mine own little world. Mine life just revolves about giving and also giving. Therefore whenever I get those 5 minutes in a valve or limo or wherever, those room special moments to simply zone out and also think and also dream."

Her mother, Shelly Kearns, also revealed that this is not something that only happened when Aguilera came to be a celebrity, either. In the exact same interview, Kearns told Rolling Stone, "When she was farming up, we dubbed it zoning out. She accurate gets lost in thought and also doesn"t listen you. This taken place from childhood up, especially if there was something she didn"t understand. She has ticked us off a most times, but she"s always done that. In saturday or eighth grade, civilization would think she to be stuck-up since she wouldn"t price them."

4 growing Up, She had Visions of A White Angel

Everyone’s childhood is different; some people have had actually imaginary friends, rather don"t, some space popular and love come socialize, others prefer to be alone v their imagination and creativity. Christina Aguilera’s childhood to be an interesting one due to the fact that what she saw when she was cultivation up was visions the a white angel, a type of guardian looking end her. She said Rolling Stone, "My mom and also I were play hide-and-go-seek one time, and I ran increase the stairs. My mommy was saying, "I"m walk to gain you, I"m walk to get you." every one of a sudden ns looked up and also stopped dead in my tracks. There was this guy, and he remained in an all-white outfit, just kind that glowing."

"He had a white beard and was looking down at me calmly, really peacefully."

Given that her parents acquired divorced as soon as she was just young, and also that she’s common stories around how her father was not straightforward man come live with, it doesn’t seem surprising that she would have visions of a figure that safeguarded her and also brought she solace. Her mom, Shelley Kearns, was in the interview v Rolling Stone, too, and she recalled how her daughter had told her stories around this angelic figure. She said, "She was a little thing, like three or four, and she"d be staring up at something no one else might see…”

3 She think Burlesque to dance Is All about Femininity

Christina Aguilera is a mrs of numerous talents and also she also tried her hand in ~ acting through the 2010 movie, Burlesque. Why a movie about burlesque? Well, she is a pan of burlesque dancing, which she think is all about power and also feminism. In one interview through CinemaBlend she commented on how throughout history there have actually been dual standards for men and also women once it concerns their physicality, adding, “I can go on and on about this subject and also the unfairness of it all, yet that’s why I prefer to, transparent my own creative process and the songs the I’ve put out and also the videos that i make and also then signing on to this project, any way that I deserve to express myself in ways that will certainly empower ladies to feel comfortable in their own skin, to feel comfortable in their very own bodies – to gain on a stage and also exude such exceptional charisma and also energy and feeling an excellent about yourself then I’m every up because that it.”

Aguilera is confident in her very own skin, and she is passionate around wanting females to take on who lock are, i beg your pardon is what she feels burlesque can do; make them feel confident and empowered, plus learn to love their bodies.

2 People’s comments Can’t host Her Down

Christina Aguilera has accomplished a lot of in her life, however she has also overcome difficulties. As mentioned previously in this list, she has faced jealousy and alienation from she peers, struggled with her father’s treatment towards her mother, and additionally faced backlash from the public at particular points in her career (namely once she messed up the nationwide Anthem). However she has not crumbled under the load of this things, rather, Aguilera seems to become stronger.

She is a powerful advocate because that body positivity, and also a woman’s best to execute what she wants through her very own body and she can handle the haters. She speak to Paper magazine around the backlash she received beforehand in she career once she make the bold relocate to embrace a much less clean image, however she looks back at this time with positivity.

She explained, "Madonna had to go v it in she day, and she paved the way for mine generation come come up."

"And payment it forward, currently a younger generation is comes up and also I’m loving what i’m seeing. It’s so incredible."

She also listed the difference between the reaction young artists get now, compared to what she confronted in the late nineties and also early 2000s.

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1 She Intends To be In The Music sector For A Long, lengthy Time

Christina Aguilera has been in the limelight from the moment she was a teenager, and although her fans know a lot around her, they nothing know everything -- back this perform hopefully gives a nice summary. She knew she want to be a singer and a performer from a young age, and recalled the exact moment in one interview with Collider, saying, “I remember the town hall the Grammys and looking at the performances and crying to mine mom, saying exactly how much I want to it is in there. Give thanks to god, cut to years later, ns won Best new Artist at the Grammys and performed there…”

Despite having a career that has spanned virtually two years (even much longer if you count her time in The new Mickey computer mouse Club), Aguilera doesn’t intend to pensioner quietly and just disappear from the limelight. Rather she intends to be approximately for a long, long time, and also she would be willing to struggle to do that.

After her trouble with the law, she said W Magazine (via CBS), "I would never ever go down without a fight. I still have my eyes on the prize: I want to be the old lady on stage shaking she hips and also singing her biggest hits."

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