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Christina Aguilera is celebrating her daughter, Summer Rain"s, 7th birthday! The singer took to Instagram Tuesday to share some rare picture of the seven-year-old in respect of her big day. The sweet slideshow featured picture of Aguilera alongside her daughter, as well as a couple of solo pics of the date of birth girl.

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"We’re celebrate Summer Rain all week💞☀️🍓🌈💞 and Leo lioness energy all month🦁 Happy 7th date of birth my sweet, thoughtful, funny, creative, soulful, colorful spirit…time moves as well fast yet every year I’m therefore in awe the the beautiful human you are and also continue to prosper to be!," the proud mommy wrote. "You space so loved by all roughly you and inspire united state to see the civilization brighter due to the fact that of you and the special power you radiate!✨💖🦄 Mommy loves friend so much!🤗🥳💝😍."

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Aguilerashares Summer Rainwith her fiancé, Matthew Rutler.

In an interview withPeoplelast month, the popular music star revealed whether or not she"d it is in saving any type of of her iconic music video or red carpet look at for she daughter.

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"I might,"the singer said. "She"s a very interesting one. She goes with all the gamut, but she is not the kind of girl that likes a fuss. She toys v the idea of painting her pond or dyeing her hair even, and then she"s like, "Nope, i don"t want to sit through it.""

"She"s just no fuss, girlfriend know?"she added. "She simply doesn"t want to be uncomfortable. She likes to save it cozy, and some of my wardrobe native the past years is no cozy. It"s just for show!"

Aguilerais additionally a mom to13-year-old Max, whom she share with previous husband Jordan Bratman.


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