“We faked it!”

Say that ain’t so! The Ashley is quite happy life in her bubble, believing the 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom are both completely realistic portrayals of this girls’ lives.

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However, i think us all understand that’s not the case.

The Ashley uncovered this super-cool interview floating around the internet that Ology.com did with the grandmother of among the Season 2 girls, Christinna. (‘Member her? She to be the one date the guy that gave up his football scholarship to marry her before she had actually the baby? ‘Member the grandma to be the one the was demanding Christinna have actually a DNA test? )

According come Kathleen Green (aka “Get a DNA test Grandma”), most of what we observed on this illustration was fabricated, set-up or edited come portray a specific idea. Catalen has even contemplated suing MTV over their “devious editing.”

So those real and also what’s not? Kathleen division it under for us fans here in excerpts from the Ology.com interview. First, she addresses why she wanted Christinna to gain the DNA check so badly.

According come Kathleen, “The truth is, she walk sleep v somebody. And also since she has actually left here, a lot of civilization have come forward saying ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah. This is true.’ once very first found out that she slept v somebody, he said, ‘OK, we’re walking to have a DNA test once Destiny is born’ and also Christinna too. They stated they to be going to lug it to me and they were going to slap me in the face with it. And then when her mom came here, as soon as she had the baby, they chose not to have actually the test. They said, ‘Oh, us talked about it and we determined not to have actually the test.’”

Kathleen went on to claim that Christinna go to new York, slept through someone and also then came earlier and told her grandson the she to be pregnant. She additionally says that MTV actually had actually some incriminating footage of Christinna the they edited out for selfish reasons. Check out below:

“OK, this is it. In ~ the end, as soon as you hear me say, ‘I don’t desire to air her dirty laundry on TV.’ That’s why I said that. Appropriate after that, she says, ‘Yeah, but  was no penetration.’They edited the out. Let me tell you why ns think castle edited it out. After the happened and also Christinna left and also went to brand-new York, she intimidated not to complete the show. You understand the talking component of the present she has actually narrate? They had the footage, yet they didn’t have actually the talk part. She threatened not to do that. She left and went to new York. MTV intimidated to sue her and Isiah for a million dollars.

I think she endangered to not complete the show and the only method she to be going to finish the show was for them to do her look at right. That’s how I feel. They wanted her to walk to brand-new York to perform it. She didn’t perform it choose that. She walk it end the phone. Isiah told us that.”

Holy crap! Jerry! Jerry!

Kathleen also states that MTV set-up scenes, sometimes also tricking the baby-daddy into looking negative on camera. I recognize that sounds choose “a likely story,” but from the sound of it, MTV producer did their finest to do the baby-daddy, Isaiah look like a creep.

‘Member the scene wherein it looks like Isaiah has foolishly invested $300 ~ above “pipes” for his auto instead the buying things that the pair needs for your baby? Yeah, not true at all, states Kathleen.

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“Now permit me phone call you how tricky MTV is. If you notification the scene whereby he’s going the end the door, he’s gained on a short-sleeved shirt, but when he’s handing the money to the guy, he’s got on a long-sleeved shirt. The was one of MTV’s cameramen. The was offering him the change back because they provided him money for gas. The speakers that he acquired — the did not buy them. My daughter’s husband provided them come him. The did not have actually $300. He only made $240 a week. I couldn’t think some of the ingredient they did. I just couldn’t think it.”

Does that typical the show is scripted? Sort of, according to Kathleen.

“They didn’t have really a script. They would just tell us what they necessary us to say. They would say ingredient like, ‘Talk around this’ or ‘Talk around that."”

Kathleen also address why Christinna’s mother didn’t show up on the episode. Apparently, she took MTV through the ringer!!

“All of us got a man!”

“MTV tried to acquire her to authorize a release. They go to new York to talk to her. MTV got her hair, nails and also a facial done. Then the mrs wouldn’t authorize the release. This is how MTV acquired her though. She came here due to the fact that Christinna was having actually the baby. She was still in ~ Christinna and Isiah’s house, for this reason she drove here. She to be at the hospital as soon as she had the baby. You have the right to see her. She’s the one in green. They blocked her out, but you can still watch her.”

This quote has nothing to perform with anything, but I just uncover it hysterical…get it girl!

 “We don’t desire anything to execute with Christinna, she mother, no one of them. What we execute want is for him to be happy. People are saying, “They are so bitter due to the fact that they don’t have any men in your life.Please. The males in our family determined they didn’t desire to it is in on the show. All of us acquired a man. Please. Few of us obtained two or three. I’m just keeping that real. We obtained men.”

Yvette Craig says:

I recognize that MTV does carry out a entirety bunch that editing but I think that the method they were dealing with that girl was an extremely uncalled for. In mine opinion, they came at her due to the fact that of the shade of she skin and how quite she was. Lock felt due to the fact that she to be an attractive young lady, the she can not perhaps be faithful come Isaiah. This so called “grand mom” had a terrible perspective to Christinna throughout the entire episode! i don’t think the was make up. I honestly believed Christinna when she claimed Isaiah was she first. She didn’t win me together a girl who would lie around that. His family additionally couldn’t expropriate the reality that he gave up his football scholarship and married Christinna. The was obvious that they to be jealous because neither of the ladies ( the cool mom, the mother and also the sister) have ever before been married or request to get married a work in their lives. So when Isaiah married Christinna they were livid! They want Isaiah to do Christinna simply a infant mama, no a wife due to the fact that they us were never married.Being one African-American mrs of light skin complexion, I check out how particular (not all) women of dark skin complexion law us. I saw from the beginning that as quickly as this “grand mom” started talking about Christinna, ns knew it was something deeper than Christinna and Isaiah obtaining married and also having a infant or him offering up his scholarship. I believe that it to be a level the jealousy coming from those women towards Christinna. They simply tried not to show it however winded increase failing miserably. Periodically your family can it is in the ones bringing an ext harm than good. However, I execute wish Christinna and also Isaiah the best along with their beautiful child Destiny.P.S. Anyone have the right to tell that that baby was Isaiah’s!