Chris Mazdzer ended up being the an initial American guy to win an Olympic medal in singles luge at the 2018 Winter gamings in PyeongChang, but there might have been almost as lot pressure top top him having actually to dance very first in the season premiere that “Dancing v the Stars: Athletes.” however he taken on the pressure and also anyone can have asked the too, and also his pro companion Witney Carson retained her promise to gain him do not wear shirts on the run floor during their salsa … well, shirt open in ~ least.

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Mazdzer’s power didn’t put him in ~ the top of the judges’ leaderboard. Instead he got straight 7s from because that a full of 21 out of 30. That inserted him fifth out that 10 dancers, tied with softball player Jennie Finch Daigle. It’s often dangerous to it is in in the middle of the fill — fans may get complacent and also not vote, causing shocking eliminations — yet the judges recognized Mazdzer’s “potential” and also “star quality,” and viewers have to have likewise appreciated his charm. However, the present is currently down to eight contestants, therefore he can’t rest on his laurels.

Read what the judges had to say around Mazdzer’s power below, and also scroll under to poll in our poll to let us recognize which contestant offered the ideal performance in week one of “DWTS” season 26.

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Len Goodman: “Chris, that is the very first time I’ve seen you vertical. I’ve only ever seen girlfriend lying on your earlier sliding under a hill top top a tray. I’ve acquired to call you, i was for this reason impressed v you. You come out, had plenty walk on, and also I assumed you had style, you had confidence. There to be one little scary little when you kept looking over, however the rest of the I believed was terrific. Well done.”

Bruno Tonioli: “You definitely damaged the ice nicely v that one … The king the luge gets into the groove, very nicely indeed. You had actually very an excellent action, very good rhythm, but a couple of things: don’t let your cost-free arm go loosened and floppy, store tension v that. And keep aware of your weight. If your weight is too far ago your hip action becomes a bit square. But as a very first dance, an extremely exciting, very good.”

Carrie Ann Inaba: “You space incredible. The choreography was jam-packed. Girlfriend did no take it basic on him at all, Witney, which i appreciate due to the fact that there space only 4 weeks and you have to put your best foot front every time. Ns think you have actually so much potential. You have actually star quality: great movement, an excellent rhythm, good shimmy-shoulders, great chest — yet I’m no judging the chest, I’m evaluate the dance.”

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