Chris Hemsworth is a Miley Cyrus fan! He"s not simply a pan of her connection with his brother Liam but also a fan of she music, according to a video he posted on Instagram on may 23. The 34-year-old gibbs danced around with his kids to Miley"s hit song "Wrecking Ball" and things. Got. Crazy.

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Chris, that shares kids Sasha, Tristan, and also India v wife Elsa Pataky, beginning out with some significant dance moves but later ends up tackled by a dog while children jump and dance roughly him. Hear closely and also you deserve to hear who belting follow me to the lyrics like their life counts on it. This is probably not the an initial time they"ve jammed come this song. Miley mutual the video clip on her very own Twitter account in addition to a few heart emoji. Looks prefer this hilarious dance party has actually her seal the approval!

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