Well right here is one more question native a reader around a t-shirt worn in an action movie. This time the inquiry is around what t-shirt chris Evans wore in the Marvel movie Captain America: The very first Avenger.

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Captain America t-shirt through SSR logo

I emailed coolcap earlier to see if I might get some an ext details. Yet might simply drop the 100 bucks to snatch up this Captain America SSR shirt and also get the details.

Still wait to hear back from a couple of folks, so remain tuned. Hopefully, we’ll acquire some an ext specifics end the next pair of days!

My guess: v is that the 2 t-shirts room the exact same — one without the SSR emblem/logo, and one with.

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Separately, yet somewhat associated — if friend are into 60s’ teen films and James Dean, you may want come know about the white t-shirt he was wearing in Rebel there is no a Cause.

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