Chris Brownposteda picture that countless view together transphobic toward Caitlyn Jenner ~ above his Instagram account.

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Alongside a photo of Akon, the meme’s inscription reads:

“Shout the end to Akon! he is around to it is provided 60 million africans v solar power. Im yes, really upset that this isn’t major news but that science task bruce jenner is #Society.”

Snoop Dogg has actually posted the meme together well.

Kylie Jennerdid no appreciate her parent being dubbed a “science project,” and also commented ~ above Brown’s account. “Not really nice to say around your friend dad,” wrote Kylie.

A picture posted by
chrisbrownofficial top top Jun 5, 2015 at 1:56pm PDT

Kylie then tweeted, “State what friend want about the civilization without bashing others. Leaving a confident impact.”

State what girlfriend want around the civilization without bashing others. Leaving a optimistic impact

— Kylie jenner (
KylieJenner) June 5, 2015

News flash.
akon tune in to ggn for some actual news.

A picture posted through snoopdogg (
snoopdogg) top top Jun 3, 2015 in ~ 2:15am PDT

Updated June 5 3:15 p.m. PT: chris Brown has due to the fact that deleted his Instagram post.

See more: Dream Dictionary: What Does It Mean To Get Shot In A Dream S About Being Shot At

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