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Why buy This Product?

to reduce static charge on the surface enabling for preferably repellency of dirt Reduces friction which boundaries the static fee on the vehicle"s surface ar Optimal for hand or maker applications works on glass, stainless steel, fiberglass, wheels and chrome Protects in ~ a nanotech scale by bonding molecules to your repaint

How that Works

Chemical males Wet Mirror finish is the distinct gloss-magnifying glaze the takes any vehicle’s shine come the next level! Wet Mirror complete is the distinct glaze that cleanses irradiate stains and water spots indigenous paintwork to boost the look at of any kind of car. Use Wet Mirror end up to fill light swirls and also scratches, and also enhance the glowing shine and also deep-wet enjoy on any color paintwork. Wet Mirror complete makes any type of car look prefer a mirror! use Wet Mirror end up to add extra shine, depth, and also reflection to your brand new or well supplied car. Apply Wet Mirror complete by hand or machine for an excellent results. Wet Mirror finish is combined with long lasting UV blockers that defend your paint from harmful solar rays that deserve to damage and also fade the paint end up over time. Height Wet Mirror finish with her favorite Chemical men sealant or wax to lock in the exclude, deep-wet reflection and also bright shine for months ~ above end. Usage Chemical males Wet Mirror end up for a bright and deep reflective shine that lasts and lasts.


Add Extra Eye candy Shine with A cloak Of Glaze

Chemical males Wet Mirror complete is a distinct gloss magnifying glaze the takes shine to the next level! The synthetic formula bonds come the surface ar delivering a brilliant shine with a slick finish. The deep-penetrating formula go deep into light swirls and scratches, producing an even surface that much better reflects light for an extra-wet shine. Wet Mirror end up cleanses paintwork of irradiate stains and also contamination, filling minor swirls and also scratches, and also bonds come the repaint to improve the shade and add extra lustrous bright to any vehicle. Wet Mirror complete adds extra protection with UV blockers that protect against the damaging effects of the sun. Anti-static agents in ~ Wet Mirror finish reduce static charge on the auto surface to minimization dirt and dust adhesion, maintaining your vehicle cleaner for longer. Wet Mirror complete turns any type of color paintwork into a mirror! because that extra protection and enhanced look for her vehicle, just top Wet Mirror complete with any kind of Chemical males wax or sealant. Develop an impressive shine on any type of color paintwork with Chemical males Wet winter Finish.


Gloss Magnifier

Wet Mirror complete bonds to paintwork in ~ the nano-tech level, pour it until it is full in young defects and also delivering a deep lustrous light on any kind of color paintwork. Gloss enhancers and also UV blockers provide a bright crisp shine with deep reflection the protects the paint from sunlight damage and also fading. Usage Wet Mirror end up on any kind of painted car, truck, motorcycle, or RV. Wet Mirror end up enhances the look of single stage, clean coat, and also ceramic automotive finishes.

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Usage Wet Mirror finish on any kind of color paint complete for extra gloss, shine, and also deep-wet look. Make any car look prefer a mirror v Chemical men Wet winter Finish!