Teen mom 2 star Chelsea Houska DeDoer and husband Cole DeBoer officially bound the node last October, yet one year and one week later they celebrated their marriage with a wedding event attended by lots of family and also friends. Those very same family and also friends posted lots of photos native Saturday’s DeBoerpalooza and also it looked AMAZING!


“Yesterday to be absolutely incredible?” Chelsea wrote v the photo above. “We obtained to memory our marriage with every the world we love and had a fricken BLAST. Ns love this male

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coledeboer.” A week prior, Cole common a photo from your “first” wedding and wrote “1 year back on this beautiful day ns married my exceptional perfect wife. Happy anniversary
chelseahouska i love you.”

Chelsea wore a similar white lace dress to the one she wore last year, yet this time roughly she wasn’t 5 months pregnant, for this reason it’s a little much more revealing through no sleeves and a plunging neckline:



Meanwhile, hubby Cole kept it L.L.Beanishly formal with a blue checkered dress shirt, tie, suspenders and also brown dress pants. Also, it appears that his groom’s cake to be a deer head, complete with antlers:


Aubree to be princesstastic in she dress, however was rapid to eschew formality as she hugged the out v sister Paislee:


Speaking the siblings, Chelsea’s sisters were in city for the event, and posed together with their mom and also Watson:

I'm HOME! just for the weekend, but it's always great being house with my family. ? #sisters #mom

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Chelsea’s dad Dr. Randy Houska posted a black-and-white photograph with two of his daughters (and son-in-laws):

close to the end of a good night. Flanked through the DeBoer brothers LOL

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Why am I also writing stuff? you males can figure it out! let me just say the the “wedding” (and Chelsea) looked certain beautiful and joyful. Actually, ns think we sort of nailed it v our prediction an ext than a year ago:

#TeenMom2 preview clips: https://t.co/dbcwLwyYp6

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ChelseaHouska access time a fairy story wedding venue! #Chelsearella pic.twitter.com/gxZ0o5XqM0

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Congratulations to Chelsea and also Cole and everyone else associated in your happily ever after! I’m going come guess that MTV wasn’t filming, and that’s perfect alright v me.