You space trying come boot your computer however it offers you a “Checking Media presence Error”. Although you have actually your booting device installed ~ above the computer. Then, why this error occurs? In the next couple of minutes, girlfriend will understand why this happens and also how to solve it.

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Checking media presence issues require some form of troubleshooting, from straightforward re-ordering the boots priority to the connected restoration of a boots file, depending on the BIOS settings. To fix it girlfriend can, allow the boot an equipment you desire to use, rotate off wake up on LAN in the BIOS and lastly, upgrade the BIOS.

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How to settle Checking Media visibility Error: No Media PresentHow to settle Checking Media presence Error: Media PresentHow execute I deal with the check media error ~ above Lenovo’s laptop?

Why is check Media fails on windows Startup?

We know that a computer system has options of devices to boot from. It have the right to be boot from the adhering to devices:

Hard DrivesCD ROMUSBNetwork BootSSD

This error occurs when a computer system is not detecting any kind of bootable device or boot file is missing from the drive. However, it deserve to be addressed either by simply rearranging the boot food selection order or by recovering the boots file.

When you read the “Checking Media Presence” top top the screen after startup. Then, there room two cases for the next step. One of two people you will view “Media present” or “No Media Present”. Each instance has various solutions.

Media present No Media Present
Rearrange boots MenuCheck boot Menu
Disable Network BootCheck drive Health
Update BIOSBoot files Missing

How to solve Checking Media visibility Error: No Media Present

1. Inspect Boot Menu

As us have disputed earlier, over there are many options easily accessible to boot from. Sometimes, this error occurs when a computer is trying come boot from the wrong device. The computer boot from devices on a priority basis.

For instance, if hard drive is top top the peak in the boots menu, then computer system will try to boots from it firstly. Now, if the journey containing operating mechanism is ~ above the bottom the the list, then it deserve to throw this error.

To rearrange the boot menu, you have to go come BIOS setup to update it. Because that this, monitor the given steps:

During the bootup process, repeatedly press the BIOS setup button.In this setup, walk to the Boot food selection tab. Here, you will watch the perform of bootable devices and their order.Keep the drive, you want to boots from, in ~ the top.Save these settings and exit.Restart your computer to examine if it works or not.

On the next window, click UEFI Firmware Settings. Restart your computer.After restart, your mechanism will be gone into in the BIOS setup.

What space BIOS settings?

BIOS stand for an easy Input/ output System. It is software that is save on computer in the processor memory. It is responsible because that booting up her computer and performs simple input or calculation functions. BIOS software program is non-volatile in the its settings remain saved also after transforming off the system.

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How to settle checking media existence no media current in Dell?

To fix this error, you may need to change the boot order food selection in the BIOS settings. For this, try to keep the drive, containing windows files, at top of the list. Also, examine for the tough drive together if that is properly connected with the motherboard or not.


In this article, us have debated several factors for the “Checking Media Presence” error. The reasons of this error have the right to vary from system to system. But the most common reason is the disorder the the boot menu, which deserve to be addressed by simply rearranging it.

Hope this write-up has been proved an extremely helpful to your problem. If not, let me know in the comment below and also I’ll try my ideal to obtain it fixed for you.