Last minute trip deals from brand-new York to Nashville

Feeling spontaneous? It’s never too so late to publication a trip. This is our pick of the finest last minute flights.

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Direct flights from new York come Nashville

Want to fly non-stop to Nashville? We’ll help you find your ideal route.

Southwest Airlines
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New York come Nashville: different routes

Compare courses from new York come Nashville below. Girlfriend may find an airport come fly right into that's cheaper, faster, or much easier than Nashville.

New York come Nashville: flight information

The points to know prior to you go.

Cheapest flight found


Average trip time

2 hrs 39 mins

Cheapest month come fly


Most famous airline

Republic Airways

Flights every week


Time distinction between new York and also Nashville

-1 hr(GMT -5)


Hillside crossing Nashville a Ramada by Wyndham




Sonesta select Nashville airplane Suites


COVID-19 travel limitations are transforming fast, but we're below to help you uncover the advice you need. Inspect our live page on travel restrictions to view if you can travel from brand-new York to Nashville, and if you'll should quarantine ~ above arrival.
The finest price uncovered on for a flight from new York come Nashville is $38. This was discovered by aggregating throughout different carriers and is the cheapest price for the totality month.

New York come Nashville

Though they differ in size, new York and also Nashville re-superstructure one thing in common: both are worldwide centers that music creation and also appreciation. Even if it is you're a new Yorker spring to suffer a more easygoing speed or passing v on the critical leg of your journey, you'll uncover this expedition to it is in a pleasant and also quick flight.

Many significant airlines market flights along this route, such as Delta, United, American and also Southwest. JFK airport offers straight flights from Terminal 8, easily available via the AirTrain the connects JFK's terminal structures in a circuit. LaGuardia Airport additionally offers direct flights at Terminals B, C and D. If getting here at LGA by bus, be certain to obtain off in ~ the right prevent for her terminal or hazard a lengthy delay as the shuttle between Terminals C/D and B deserve to take part time.

Be warned that while both airports are well-connected to the general public transportation grid, you might experience delays follow me the way. Permit extra time for navigating as well; both airports are huge and extremely trafficked. On the to add side, over there are countless amenities to assist you pass the time have to you arrive early.

Arriving in Nashville

Visitors from brand-new York will certainly be pleasantly surprised by the warmer weather they'll suffer as shortly as they action off the plane. One might expect a slow pace, however Nashville is a thriving metropolis in its own right and has lot to offer those from the large Apple.

Experience the delights of southern at uncommonly short prices, as a disagreement here deserve to stretch 20-30% farther than in brand-new York. There's nothing prefer genuine Tennessee barbeque to do you feel warm and welcome in the soil of genteel hospitality.

Immerse yourself in culture by visiting the country Music hall of Fame, the Johnny Cash Museum and the grand Ole Opry. In this nation music funding of the world you have the right to hear tunes the are fairly uncommon in more northern climes. Pair through a visit to elegant Belmont Mansion and also the Hermitage for a nearby look in ~ architectural fads emblematic to the South.

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One thing to watch out for is public transportation. Mean to make higher use that taxis and ride share options. If over there for prolonged trip, it might be wise to invest in a car rental for ease that travel.