On Monday, much more than a main after Strickland was reported missing on December 27, his human body was uncovered near Kaw Lake, in Oklahoma. The reason of death was established to be hypothermia, USA Today reports. After the watercraft capsized Strickland had actually been may be to make it to shore and up a hill prior to succumbing come the cold. Authorities established that Strickland’s hunting partner, chase Morland, drowned in the lake. Strickland’s wife, Helen, created on Instagram: “We can ultimately rest discovering that that is at house in Heaven v his Father…He knowledgeable no pain in his final moments and simply felt choose he to be falling asleep.”

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Craig was uncovered today. We can ultimately rest understanding that the is at house in Heaven v his Father. The night the the accident the had combated his way out that the water and up a hill prior to the step of hypothermia set in. He experienced no ache in his last moments and also simply felt favor he was falling asleep. They found him lied in the shape of a cross looking approximately his Father. Thank you come every solitary person who prayed for him and our family during this time. There was not a an ext peaceful method for that to enter the eight of our Lord, and also I know your prayers had actually a duty in making that happen. I recognize he observed Jesus at that minute when he laid down and walked eight in arm with Him right into a much better Everlasting Life.

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I love you with all my heart Craig Michael. #craigstrickland

A write-up shared by Helen Wisner Strickland (

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Hunting buddies Chase and also Craig, took what seemed to be a manageable risk at the time, finished up ending the life of one and also left one more missing.

They walk hunting throughout a serious storm and it appears their truck was overtaken by overwhelming waters.

Sunday chase Morland sent this tweet:

In situation we don't come back,
BackroadCRAIG and I space going ideal through Winter Storm Goliath to death ducks in Oklahoma.