American actor, Wes Bentley"s role in the classic movie American Beauty (1999) is a remarkable one amongst cinephiles and also viewer alike. For the role, he to be nominated in the British Academy that Film and also Television Art"s Best-Supporting gibbs category.
Interestingly, his roots lay in theatre acting together he started his exhilaration journey through theater productions such as La Cage aux Folles and also Henry IV. 

Marriage, Children

Wes is in a committed married relationship with Jacqui Swedberg, a producer, and assistant director.

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Prolific Director:- Quentin Tarantino Wife, Baby, Family, network WorthSince meeting in 2008, the pair started dating and also eventually obtained married after 2 years that courtship. Together, they share 2 beautiful children, son Charles Bentley and also daughter Brooklyn Bentley. Wes Bentley and wife Jacqui Swedberg to visit the Los Angeles premiere the Interstellar in 26th October 2014 (Photo: The actor"s earliest child was born in the year the their marital relationship whereas their daughter made her presence right into the world in 2014.

Struggle v Addiction, Failed past Marriage

Interestingly, the American fear Story star credits the bear of his kids as having a significant transformation in his life against fighting his medicine addiction. Talking to People magazine in 2015, he even shared,“I didn’t recognize I was going to love gift a dad so much. Currently it’s the only thing I want to be. I simply want to be a an excellent dad. Everything I’m doing, ns trying to incorporate gift a an excellent dad.”The movie star had struggled through substance abuse for virtually a decade due to the fact that 1998 which had cost him his first marriage. He was formerly married to actress Jeniffer Quanz- the wedding was held on 25 September 2001. Wes to be struggling through addiction throughout his an initial marriage and even landed movie roles just to buy drugs throughout those years. Together a result, his addiction hampered his relationship v Jennifer. On top of that, the pair filed because that divorce in 2009 and officially divorced a year later.

Net Worth, Movies and TV Shows

Wes has done substantially well financially with his acting career i beg your pardon is evident through his net worth the stands at $3 million. The made his acting debut onscreen in 1995 through the brief movie Serendipity Lane.  Further, his duty as Ricky Fitts in the Academy Award-winning movie American Beauty (1999) assisted him garner substantial fame. Therefore on, he started to appear in several movie jobs such as Ghost driver (2007), Interstellar (2014) and The Hunger Games (2012).Leading actors Of Hunger Games:- Jennifer Lawrence Wedding, Husband, Baby, net WorthHowever, with the arrival of 2014, he ended up being primarily involved in FX"s show American horror Story for right three years. Together of now, that portrays the recurring character, Jamie Dutton in the struggle TV show Yellowstone (2018).Interestingly, audiences will watch him reprising the duty again in 2020 as the show has to be renewed for the 3rd season.

Interesting Facts about Wes Bently :

As per official records, his real name is Wesley cook Bentley conversely, his birthdate is 4th September 1978.He has worked alongside A-lister director including Christopher Nolan, Terrence Malick, and also Sam Mendes.Wes"s height measure in 5 feet & 11 inches (1.8 meters).The 2009 documentary My huge Break is based on the actor"s struggle with medicine addiction and his recovery from it.

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Both that his parents, David Bentley and Cherie Baker are Methodist ministers.