Chad Michael Murray famously left One Tree Hill before the present ended the run, yet it take it him part time to land a secure gig. Luckily, that doesn’t seem come be having the same trouble these days. ~ a cliffhanger in the certified dealer Carter Season 2 finale left his standing unknown (but looking grim), we learned that Chad Michael Murray has already nabbed a gig top top the upcoming CMT drama Million dissension Quartet. Therefore what go that typical for his future on agent Carter? Unfortunately, there is an ext than one possibility.First and also foremost, Chad Michael Murray is expected to take it a lead in Million dollar Quartet, playing Sun documents founder Sam Phillips in the period drama. Because of this, we have to expect him come be roughly for every one of the eight-episodes gift filmed because that the drama series. Still, eight episodes isn’t really all that much, and also since certified dealer Carter traditionally movies a shortened season and Murray only has a recurring function on that show, about theory if agent Carter wanted to make that gunshot cliffhanger non-fatal, it might still happen. This wouldn"t mark the an initial time Murray has worked between Agent Carter gigs, either. It helps that Million dollar Quartet is supposed to begin shooting in Memphis this month and also Carter doesn’t gain off the ground until some time after ~ that.We also already know that alphabet agreed to rejuvenation orders because that a bunch of its hits a couple of weeks ago. Shows like Quantico and also Agents that S.H.I.E.L.D. Were renewed while programs prefer Agent Carter will have to play the waiting video game a while longer. Following low ratings—especially toward the latter component of Season 2--Agent Carter could really well not come back for Season 3 next year. Obviously, that was most likely smart because that Chad Michael Murray to take it Million dissension Quartet, even if it is or no it method that point-blank gunshot proves to it is in fatal.Million dissension Quartet has actually been collection up at CMT because that a while. The eight-parter is also set to star Jennifer Holland together Sam’s wife, Margaret ann Florence together Sam’s assistant and also mistress, Jonah Lees as Jimmy Swaggart, Christian Lees as Jerry Lee Lewis, and Kevin Fonteyne as Johnny Cash. Elvis Presley will additionally be around for this initial story about the bear of rock and also roll in Memphis; he’ll be play by Drake Milligan. Themes prefer "breaking gyeongju barriers" in the music sector will additionally be explored, follow to The Wrap.CMT has been obtaining into the original content video game for a while. Programs favor I Love Kellie Pickler have been wildly well-known on the network, which has helped the channel to greenlight various other programming. Million dissension Quartet is one of those programs, and it is intended to hit the channel following November.

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