Casey Affleck and also Joaquin Phoenix, that are former brothers-in-law, haven’t talked in years and also now they have actually sold the brand-new York City apartment the they purchase together.

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If friend didn’t know, Casey supplied to be married to Joaquin‘s sister Summer Phoenix. When the pair split, the guys had a falling out.

Joaquin stated in a current interview the they haven’t spoken “in countless years… my sister and also him divorced. And also I haven’t spoken directly to him or indirect in a lengthy time. 3 or four years.”

The guys had actually purchased a loft close to the TriBeCa ar in new York City and they simply sold it for $3.135 million, follow to People.

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Jennifer Garner and also pal Summer Phoenix obtained in some high quality time together in LA!

The 47-year-old actress joined Summer, that is Joaquin Phoenix‘s youngest sibling, together they ordered lunch with each other on Wednesday (October 16) at Croft Alley in Beverly Hills, Calif.

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Jennifer looked cute yet casual in a white tee and also jeans, paired with a beige cardigan.

The work before, Jennifer helped welcome friend Jennifer Aniston to Instagram by posting a funny video clip with the Friends Lego set.

“Welcome wonderful