1. Inspired by the tendency of '90s slasher films starring young and attractive casts, Shawn Wayans come up v the early stage concept and also the script was choose up through Dimensions, a studio that developed a bulk of the films being parodied, prior to it was even finished. 

2. The hardest function to cast was Cindy Campbell, which checked out a then-unknown actress named Anna Faris.

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"The best surprise was Anna," director Keenen ivory Wayans told Entertainment Weekly. "And that wasn't really a surprise, it to be a gift. I had actually seen everybody, and I kept saying no come the allude that the spreading people were gaining pissed. But I was looking for someone specific."

3. Prior to landing Scary Movie, Faris didn't have actually head shots or an agent. "I had no idea what to say when he called 'Action,'" she called EW. "I turned to Jonny and was like, 'So wait, what are we supposed to do?' and he was like, 'Say your line.'"

4. Alicia Silverstone apparently turned down the function of Cindy. 

5. While Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer are attributed as two of the 6 writers ~ above the film though they had no part in the last script as result of a WGA decision ~ the pair had actually sold a spec script to dimensions called Scream If You recognize What i Did critical Halloween in 1998.

6. Friedberg and also Seltzer would certainly go on to pen Date Movie, epic Movie, disaster Movie and other assorted spoof films, using "two that the 6 writers that Scary Movie" in promotional piece for your films.

7. If Carmen Electra's parody of Drew Barrymore's iconic early death in Scream was among the film's most-talked about moments, the studio "didn't want to cast" the Baywatch star. 

"They didn't think she can do it. They believed she to be cheesy, since – and also this is no disrespect come Carmen – she was among the very first celebrities to it is in known much more for that they were 보다 for what they'd done, girlfriend know?" Keenen ivory Wayans told EW. "But what castle didn't like about Carmen to be what made she perfect, and also that's what I kept trying to explain."

8. Electra had actually actually auditioned for two other roles, including Buffy (which saw American Pie's Shannen Elizabeth) prior to later acquiring the contact to play attracted Decker. 

9. "I psychic they cut my hair much shorter to look more like drew Barrymore's character," Electra recalled in an interview v EW, adding they filmed the opening scene in one night. 

10. Jenny McCarthy was reportedly available the role of drew Decker, yet turned it down. She went on come star in Scary Movie 3

11. The initial working title for the manuscript was Scary Movie was Last Summer i Screamed due to the fact that Friday the 13th dropped on Halloween. It to be shortened come Scary Movie, which was the working title for Kevin Williamson's Scream

12. The director encouraged every one of the actors to improvise, v Shannen Elizabeth telling EW, "Keenen said, 'I desire to shoot what's ~ above the page, and then I'm going to let you males do anything girlfriend want. At the finish of the day, I'm going to use whatever's the funniest and the best, and I, as the director, will get credit for it.'"

13. James van Der Beek makes a quick cameo in the film together his Dawson' Creek character. "Hey, not correct set," he claims while popping up in Cindy's home window as "I Don't Wanna Wait" plays. 

14. The original script allegedly featured a cameo by Jamie Lee Curtis reprising she iconic Halloween role. 

15. The producers originally wanted Aaliyah to play Brenda, the role that at some point went come Regina Hall. However she rotate it down out of respect for Brandy

"They wanted me to play Brandy, and kind of do a parody of her," the so late singer defined in one MTV2 interview. "I actually favored the script, I thought it was yes, really funny, but I didn't want anybody to take it prefer I was disrespecting she in anyway. So, I in reality didn't perform it and also it turned out to it is in a really funny movie."

16. Regina room auditioned four times because that the role of Brenda, and told fast Company, "A producer called me no to do Scary Movie. I typical I gain it now, yet I to be like, 'No! Of food I'm doing Scary Movie!'...That would've been bad if I stated no!"


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Jared Leto apparently turned down the role of Bobby in order to star in Requiem because that a Dream

18. Director Keenen ivory Wayans renders a cameo in the movie in the fake Amistad 2 trailer. 

19. "No Shame. No Mercy. No sequel." of course, offered the movie's success, four sequels followed. The tagline because that Scary Movie 2? "We lied."

20. While they penned the sequel, the Wayans brothers left the Scary Movie franchise.

"What my brothers and I did was take a $19 million movie and also we do it right into a half-a-billion-dollar franchise," Marlon Wayans defined to the Chicago Tribune. "We gained rushed to perform a sequel. The still performed, yet not the method we wanted it to. That wasn't as good as the first one. That was every right...And climate we read in the trades someday they to be doing Scary Movie 3 with somebody else. We were like, 'Wow, that's interesting.' They took a franchise us did and also that bombed."

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